"Those acquainted with the writings of Chalmers will know what to expect
from his pen when guided by fervent devotion." - C.H.Spurgeon.


There is a huge quantity of material for this page. As far as I am aware, however, not a single book written by Chalmers is currently in print.
These below are collected from wherever I can get information, and additions to the list would be welcome. The plan is to include on this site a sample from every publication I can use - so if you see a book not yet having a sample chapter available, please e:mail me.


List of all the works, edited by Dr. Hanna, and produced during and after Chalmers' death and it can be seen in the form in which they were presented to the public on the flyleaf of the publisher's material.
It runs to 32 volumes!
List of all the Papers, Leaflets and Letters on or to Dr. Chalmers, held at British libraries, can be seen here.

The Chalmers Connection - See this page on the Ruthwell Savings Bank Museum and its connection with Thomas Chalmers. As well as being extremely interesting in its own right, there are a number of letters in the original manuscripts, from Chalmers to the Minister who started the Savings Bank, Dr. Henry Duncan.

. . . . . . . . .
Daily Scripture Readings - Sutherland and Knox 1847
Introduction and Preface This includes a short portion of his "Daily Exercises" and a letter from TC about them.
Readings, first section. These take the form of a light series of gentle comments, starting with Genesis.
Readings, second section
Readings, third section.
Readings, fourth section
.................Sabbath Scripture Readings - Sutherland and Knox, Edinburgh 1848
Matt 13 The parable of the sower, and reflections on it and on one's own life and walk as a believer.
Matt 14 King Herod and his wicked example of putting right behind him and using his oath as an excuse for wrong-doing.

Different sets come with different vol. numbers. I have two copies of "Evidence"; one is Vol. 4, the other is Vol.6 of "Works" so below is a list of titles. Beware - some titles are more than one volume!
Vol. 1&2 Natural Theology - two volumes
Vol.1 Chapter One. On the Ethics of Theology.
Vol.1. Chapter Two. On the Being of a God
Vol. 1 Chapter Three - Of the Metaphysics which have been resorted to on the side of Theism.
Vol.1. Chapter Four - Mr. Hume's Arguement

Vol. 3&4 Evidences of Christianity
Chapter One - On the Cognizance Which the Understanding Takes of its Own Processes
Chapter Two - On Man's Instinctive Belief in the Constancy of Nature.

Vol. 5 Sketches of Moral and Mental Philosophy
Preface and Chapter One - On the Distinction Between Moral and Mental Philosphy
Chapter Two - On a Peculiar Difficulty in the Study of the Mind which attends not the Study of External Nature.

Vol. 6 Discourses on the Application of Christianity to the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life,
Preface and Discourse 1 Mercantile virtues which may exist without influence of Christianity
Discourse 2 the Influences of Christianity Upon Commerce
Discourse 3 the Power of Selfishness in Promoting the Honesties of Mercantile Intercourse.
Discourse 9 the Expulsive Power of a New Affection

Vol. 7 Discourses on the Christian Revelation, viewed in Connexion with Modern Astronomy,
Discourse 1
- Sketches of the modern Astronomy
Discourse 2 - The Modesty of True Science
Discourse 3 - On the Extent of Divine Condescension
Discourse 4 - Knowledge of Man's Moral History in the Distant Places of Creation
Discourse 5 - On the Sympathy that is felt for Man in the Distant Places of Creation
Discourse 6 - Among The higher Intelligences.
Discourse 7 - On the Slender Influences of Taste and Sensibility in Matters of Religion

These were all sermons preached in Tron Church, Glasgow, in 1815 and 1816. It was a regular duty to take a Thursday morning service once a month, and this choice of subject aroused enormous interest. The publication of these sermons in 1817 resulted in the sale of 9000 copies in 10 days, and ran to 9 editions within 2 years. It was easily his best-selling publication, consistently over the years.

Vol. 8, 9&10 Congregational Sermons -
Sermon 7 from Vol.3 No.1 "Of the Flesh and the Spirit" This was preached on the occasion of the "account" given below.
Sermon 8, vol.2 - Acts.27 The Doctrine of Predestination
Sermon 9 vol. 1 (Works vol.8) Necessity of the Spirit in the Work of Conversion

Vol 11. Sermons on Public Occasions
Sermon One - On the Death of the Princess Charlotte
Sermon Two - On Universal Peace (following announcement of the end of the war with France)

Vol 12 Tracts and Essays
Tract One Address to the Inhabitants of Kilmany - On the Need for Diligence in Christian Living
Tract Two On Cuvier's Theory of the Earth

Vol. 13 Introductory Essays to Select Christian Authors
On Guthrie's "The Christian's Great Interest"
On William Romains's "Treatise on the Life, Walk and Triumph of Faith"
On Thomas a Kempis' "Imitation of Christ"
On Serle's "Christian Remembrancer"
On John Owen's "Spiritual Mindedness"
On Owen's "Indwelling Sin"
On Richard Baxter's "Call to the Unconverted"
On Scudder's "Christian's Daily Walk"
On Scott's "Tracts" - 5 small essays.
On Beveridge's "Private Thoughts"
On Booth's "Reign of Grace"
On Showers' "Reflections" and Hale's "Consideration of our Latter End"
The Christian's Defence Against Infidelity - collection of Essays by others, including Baxter, Doddridge etc.
On Howe's "Living Temple"
On William Romaine's "Select Letters"
On Hall's "Faith and Influence"

Most of these books with introductory essays were published by W.Collins, Edinburgh

Vol. 14-16 Christian and Economic Polity of a Nation - three volumes.
Preface and Introduction
Chapter One, prefaced by new intro. to 1821 edition

Vol. 17 Church and College Establishments
Lecture One - On Endowments
Lecture Two - Special Application of the Argument to Colleges (and the desirability of raising entry standards)

Vol. 18 Church Extension
Preface - "We preface this volume by a brief sketch of Church Extension in Scotland."
Chapter One - On the Right Ecclesiastical Economy of Large Towns.

Vol. 19-20 On Political Economy in connection with the Moral State and Moral Prospects of Society.
Chapter One - On the Increase and Limit of Food.
Chapter Two - On the Increase and Limit of Employment. (I wish modern politicians would read this!)

Vol. 21 On the Sufficiency of the Parochial System.
Section One - On the Encouragements for Holding Intercourse with the Common People, and the Various Ways of Doing Them Good.

Vol. 22 - 25 Lectures on the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans. - my set is 4 volumes.
Go to Index Page for all the lectures

Sermons - 1798 - 1847 (Posthumous Works Vol. 6)

Sermon 1 Micah 6:8 He hath showed thee O man what is good. Sermon was preached when Chalmers was only 18!
Sermon 2 James 4:11 Speak not evil one of another...
Sermon3 John 14:1 The Troubled Heart Comforted
Sermon 4 Titus 1:1 Farewell Discourse at Cavers. Preached in 1802 just before his departure for Kilmany.
Sermon 5 Psalm 27:3 Fast Day Sermon - upon the eve of an expected invasion by Napoleon
Sermon 6 "Fury Not in God" Isaiah 27:4,5
Sermon Extract - Full and Free Pardon

Posthumous Works vol 1-2
Sabbath Scripture Readings - Sutherland and Knox, Edinburgh 1848
Matt 13 The parable of the sower, and reflections on it and on one's own life and walk as a believer.
Matt 14 King Herod and his wicked example of putting right behind him and using his oath as an excuse for wrong-doing.

Posthumous Works Vol. 4.
Institutes of Theology
General and Introductory - Preliminary Ethics
Chapter Two - Preliminary Metaphysics and Mental Physics

Dr.Chalmers and Lord Aberdeen - Letters relating to the Abolition of Patronage
Preface and First Five Letters
See also Hugh Miller's article in "The Witness" about Aberdeen's bill.

Chalmers' Tribute to Andrew Thomson (from Hanna's Memoir of Dr.Chalmers. Vol.3)

WORKS ON POLICAL AND SOCIAL ECONOMY and other matters. (See Waterman's assessment of Chalmers' influence on this subject)
An Enquiry into the Extent and Stability of National Resources (1808). "His best, but not a best-seller" (Waterman)
Literary and Ecclesiastical Endowments (1827) - attracted the attention of Richard Whately and other influential figures in the Church of England (Waterman 1991a: 217ff)
The Influence of Bible Societies on the Temporal Necessities of the Poor. Cupar: Tullis. 1821-26.
The Christian and Civic Economy of Large Towns,1821 - 1827. Glasgow: Chalmers and Collins.
On the Use and Abuse of Literary and Ecclesiastical Endowments. Glasgow: Collins. 1832.
On Political Economy in Connexion with the Moral State and Moral Prospects of Society. Glasgow: Collins 1832.
The Supreme Importance of a Right Moral to a Right Economical State of the Community. Glasgow: Collins.
It is interesting to note that while some (Waterman) believe that Political and Social Economics was the main obsession of Chalmers' career, others believe it to be the "Godly Commonwealth" (see below) and others, the extention of the Free Church etc. The truth, I believe, is that this greatly gifted and godly man could, and did, take on board a whole host of subjects, and did pursue them with vigour to success or failure. See his interest in Mathematics, for example, the whole concept and undertaking of the "Sustentation Fund", Church Extention, Church Freedom (from State interference) and the establishment of schools, savings banks and even laundries, for the poor and destitute.
For confirmation of this view see the Obituary (below) by Hugh Miller, and especially the comments by Dr. Sprague.

Works By Authors Writing About Thomas Chalmers

Thomas Chalmers and the Godly Commonwealth in Scotland - Stewart J. Brown
Said to be the best biography since Hanna. The author seems (to me) to fail to appreciate the gigantic intellect that could take on board the ideal of a godly commonwealth as well as many others (like Church Extention). Therefore he "failed" because that ideal was never realised. Brown states that the godly commonwealth was Chalmers' "seminal vision" yet in telling us that the Disruption was the ultimate failure of that ideal, he overlooks that Chalmers worked tirelessly for the success (once it became inevitable) of that very traumatic event! However, Brown does appreciate the enormous influence for good of all that Chalmers did, and his book is very fair in its appreciation.
Thomas Chalmes - "the vision fades" - last chapter.

Life of Edward Irving - Arnold Dallimore
. Irvine, very gifted, was at one time assistant to Dr. Chalmers
Extract about the relationship between the two men

The Practical and the Pious - ed. A.C.Cheyne. Selection of Essays about Dr. Chalmers
Chalmers Theology of Mission - John Roxborogh

The St.Andrews Seven - Piggin and Roxburgh. The seven were Chalmers, and 6 of his pupils who became missionaries.
Chalmers' Grand Design
. . . . . . Published by Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh ISBN 0 85151 428 6 and possibly still available.

Chalmers Memoirs 2 vol. set - Rev. William Hanna LL.D, - Thomas Constable and Co., Edinburgh 1854
Memoirs of Dr. Chalmers 4 vol. set - as above but with additional material.
Extract about Extempore preaching
Extract about the Inefficiency of the Poor Law
Extract, being an account of his visit to London, and first sermons there.
(See Sermon 7 above)

Thomas Chalmers: Enthusiast for Mission: The Christian Good of Scotland and the Rise of the Missionary Movement
J. Roxborogh 1999 - Still available
Chapters One, Two and Three - Chalmers' Early Life

The Legacy of Thomas Chalmers - J.Roxborogh.
Thomas Chalmers: His Life and Work - Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia

Thomas Chalmers and the Disruption, by Hugh Watt
Chapter 25 Retrospect

Economic and Social Ideals Interest in the Sciences The Disruption Conclusion
Short Biography of Thomas Chalmers - Scotland's Past

Thomas Chalmers - by W.Garden Blaikie.
Chapter Five - Life at Edinburgh

Thomas Chalmers - by W.M.Mackay
His Vision of the Church of Scotland

Thomas Chalmers - by Charles Walker (from "The Gospel Magazine" May 1965)

Thomas Chalmers by Adam Philip
Anecdotes from the life of Thomas Chalmers. Some from Hanna's Biography, but not all.
Minister of the Parish - at Kilmany, Tron in Glasgow, St. Andrews and Edinburgh.
"The Man"- The famous man of his time!
Sayings- Culled from his life and works, and all too little has remained.

Lectures on the History of The Church of Scotland
by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley D.D
. Dean of Westminster. John Murray 1872.
In Regard to Seceding Churches - Assessment of Chalmers.
Three Lectures on the Church of Scotland by Robert Rainy D.D. Macniven and Wallace 1872
Being a response to some of what was said in the lectures above, by Dean Stanley.
On Chalmers and his visit to Oxford (where he met the Dean)

Horae Subsecivae by John Brown (Biggar)
Thomas Chalmers - an appreciation.

Studies In Scottish History by Taylor Innes. Hodder. 1892
The Question in Scotland Fifty Years Ago - or, the Disruption 50 years on.

My Schools and Schoolmasters by Hugh Miller - contains a lovely real-life scene with Chalmers in his boat

Paterson Of Hebron "The Hakim" Missionary Life In The Mountain Of Judah. By W.Ewing,M.C.,D.D. (Thanks to Nora Smith) His early life and friendship with Chalmers.

Obituary to Dr. Chalmers - published in the "Witness" by Editor Hugh Miller

The Chalmers Electronic Library - a major resource of access to books about Chalmers

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