There are a number of letters held at the Ruthwell Savings Bank Museum, at Ruthwell in Scotland. See page on this subject.
To Dr. Duncan of Ruthwell - upon the notion of starting a University at Dumfries.
There are "hundreds" of letters held at St. Andrews and New College, Edinburgh - visitors will have to make their own arrangements to view.
The ones listed below can be read, here -

To his eldest daughter Anne,
who was married in 1836 to Rev. W. Hanna, in 1841

Another to his daughter Anne, July 1841

To Anne, on death of her infant, April 30th 1842

To Eliza, his second daughter , in August 1839

To Eliza, another, in September 28th 1841

To Grace, an unmarried daughter, in November 1838

To Grace, another in 1842 - January 20th.

To Mr. Lennox, upon the Disruption 19th April 1843

To James Anderson - just after his conversion 1812

To his brother Alexander - just after seeing some light 1811

To Robert Tennant - upon hearing of his "call" to leave Kilmany for Glasgow.

To Dr. Hanna - about Chalmers being called "Mad" after his conversion, and relating to his new-found enthusiasm.

To Dr. Hanna - from Rev. John Purves, about the vist paid by Dr. Chalmers to Jedburgh

To Mr. Campbell of Monzie - on the subject of Church money being used by the Government

To "Edinburgh Courant" following this letter's publication in an Election cause.

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