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BOOKS Written By Thomas Guthrie

The Gospel in Ezekiel
Chapter one The Messenger
Chapter two The Defiler
Chapter three Man Sinning
Chapter four Man Suffering
Chapter five God's Punitive Justice
Chapter six - God's Motive in Salvation
Chapter seven Man an Object of Divine Mercy
Chapter Eight God Glorified in Redemption

Christ the Inheritance of the Saints (Colossians)
Chapter One - The Inheritance
Chapter Two - The Power of Darkness
Chapter Three - the Kingdom of Christ Col.1:13

The City, its Sin and its Sinners.
Sermon 1 Luke 19:41
Sermon Two - "He beheld the City, and wept over it"
Sermon Three
"There is a remarkable phenomenon to be seen on certain parts of our coast..."

The Way to Life Sermons.
Sermon 1 - 1 Tim. 6:12 - Man's Great Duty "Lay hold on eternal life"
Sermon 2 - Hosea 8:5 The World a Lie "Thy calf, O Samaria, hast cast thee off"
Sermon Three Mark 10:21 - One Thing Needful - "One thing thou lackest. . "
Sermon 4 - Eccl.ii:11. The Review "I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought.."
Sermon Five - Isaiah. iv:6 - No Delay! "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found".

Sundays Abroad
Introductory Remarks
Chapter One - Aix Les Bains. - Ever since my first visit I have said that everybody should, ... go there, before they die.
Chapter 2 - Florence."At five o’clock of the morning of the Lord’s day I was awakened by the clatter of arms.."
Chapter Three - Florence & Savonarola - "Florence boasts a library such as few cities possess, and museums . . ."
Chapter 4 - Savonarola cont. He . . in a whirlwind of excitement, fighting, and falling a hero, beneath the banner of truth.

Man and the Gospel
Chapter 1 - IN TRIAL - James 1:2

Our Father's Business
Man's Inability
God's Ability

Out of Harness
Ch.1 - Original Ragged Schools

The Parables Read in the Light of the Present
Introduction - read this. It's good!
Parable 1 The Leaven. Matt.13
Parable 2 The Ten Virgins Matt. 25: 1-13

Speaking to the Heart
1. Neglected Warnings

Studies of Character from the Old Testament.
Hannah the Matron

The Angel's Song

Early Piety
Chapter One Time enough for religion in old age?
Chapter Two and all the book follow.

Saving Knowledge Addressed to Young Men

Seed-Time and Harvest (of Ragged Schools)**
Book still available

Chapter One - First Plea (pub.1847)

The Sunday Magazine (Ed. by Guthrie)
The Wisdom of Solomon

Autobiography of Robert Flockhart (Ed. by Guthrie)
Essay and Memoir

Gems of Illustration from Thomas Guthrie
Preface - and introduction
"A" for Afflictions etc...
"B" for Bible, beauty etc.. .
"C" for Christian, Calumny etc..

LETTERS Written by Thomas Guthrie
Letter to Mrs. Ogilvie
Letter to a Young Preacher

Letter to Clementina, his sister.
Extract from his Journal - while in France.

Letter to Dean Ramsay (from "Memoir of Dean Ramsay")

Other Papers
Thoughts on Jesus Christ
Essay on Berridge's "Christian World Unmasked"

Contribution to "Hugh Miller" (Disruption's unsung hero) by K.Leask

First Sermon Preached in Free St. Johns, upon its opening.18/4/1845

Other Works By Various Authors
An Autobiography, mainly from his own lips- by "Anon"
Chapters 1 -4 Birth, Education and early Ministry

Self -Help by Samuel Smiles
The impetus to starting "Ragged Schools" - letter by Guthrie

Autobiography - part of authorised Biography by his sons.
Autobiography - Part two. College, no church, so to the Sorbonne.

Leaders in Modern Philanthropy - by W. Garden Blaikie
Thomas Guthrie(sent me by an anonymous descendant of Guthrie)

See What the Encyclopaedia Brittanica says about Thomas Guthrie

Thomas Guthrie - by Oliphant Smeaton
Summer Sabbath at Free St.Johns
Parish Life at Arbirlot
The Vineyard of Apollyon
Apostle of Temperance

Accounts of Village Sermons at Arbirlot -
Serm.1, by his Brother-in-Law Re.J.C.Burns.
Serm.2, by Mr. McCosh, then of Arbroath, later of Princeton College USA.
by Mr.Dick, now of Edinburgh, then of Arbirlot.

Article by Rev.John Ker D.D. (from "Disruption Worthies 1843" )

Chapters From the History of the Free Church of Scotland - Norman L. Walker D.D.
Two testimonials to the energy, popularity and character of Thomas Guthrie

Studies in Scottish History - by Taylor Innes, Advocate.
Reminiscence of Dr. Thomas Guthrie - About the Disruption
More Reminiscence - after the Disruption, the problem of sites.

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