Letter to Dean Ramsay

In 1866 the Dean had delivered two lectures upon "Preachers and Preaching," but which were afterwards published in a volume called Pulpil Table-Talk. That is the subject of the following letter from a great master of the art Dr. GUTHRIE to DEAN RAMSAY.

Inchgrundle, Tarfside, by Brechin,
31st August 1868.
My dear Mr. Dean
Your Pulpit Table-Talk has been sent here to gratify, delight, and edify me. A most entertaining book; and full of wise and admirable sentiments. All ministers and preachers should read and digest it. Age seems to have no more dulling effect on you than it had on Sir David Brewster, who retained, after he had turned the threescore and ten, all the greenery. foliage, and flowers of youth - presenting at once the freshness of Spring, and the flowers of Summer, and the precious fruits of Autumn. May your bow long abide in strength! and the evening of your days be calm and peaceful, bright with the sure and certain hope of that better world, where, I hope, we shall meet to be for ever with the Lord!
With the greatest respect and affectionate regards,
yours ever,

(From the Memoir of Dean Ramsay, in "Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character")

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