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 plaque  Sabbath in the Glen
 BrechinHigh Street in Brechin, today.  watyercolour
 cemeteryGrange Cemetery in Edinburgh.  EdinburghView of Edinburgh, overlooking the Forth.
 University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh.
 Greyfriars ChurchGreyfriars Church in Edinburgh.
 GReyfriars2  Thomas Guthrie House
Thomas Guthrie House - in Brechin.
This is where the little Thomas was born, in 1803.
 Plaque on TG House  TG from "Worthies"
Arbroath - the coastal town often referred to.Back?
Arbroath coast, famous for its red cliffs and blue sea
approachArbirlot, Guthrie's first appointment. arbirlotView from the church - door.
churchView of the Church at Arbirlot churcheastEast end of the church
church west West end of the church. CLICK ON THESE THUMB-NAIL VIEWS FOR A LARGER IMAGE taken in 2001 by webmaster. Photos below courtesy of Greg. Rehmke - a great . . grandson of Guthrie.

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