Thomas Guthrie


Thoughts on Jesus Christ

As opposed to sin and its consequences, heaven and holiness are pictured forth in the Bible in colours that glow upon the canvas, through the emblems of everything we hold most dear and desirable.
How difficult it would be to name a noble figure, a sweet smile, a tender and attractive relationship, in which Jesus is not set forth to woo a reluctant sinner and cheer a desponding saint! Am I wounded? He is balm. Am I sick? He is medicine. Am I naked? He is clothing. Am I poor? He is wealth. Am I hungry? He is bread. Am I thirsty? He is water. Am I in debt? He is surety. Am I in darkness? He is a sun. Have I a house to build? He is a rock. Must I face that black and gathering storm? He is an anchor sure and steadfast. Am I to be tried? He is an advocate. is sentence passed and am I condemned? He is pardon. To deck Him out, and set Him forth, Nature culls her finest flowers, brings her choicest ornaments, and lays these treasures at His feet. The skies contribute their stars. The sea gives up its pearls. From fields and mines and mountains, earth brings the tribute of her gold, and gems, and myrrh and frankincense: the lily of the valley, the clustered vine, and the fragrant rose of Sharon. He is ‘the chiefest among ten thousand and the altogether lovely' : ‘in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily'. I challenge you to name a want for which you will not find a supply in Christ.
From "The Gospel Magazine" January 1970

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