Reminiscence of Dr. T. Guthrie - from Studies in Scottish History by Taylor Innes
Relating to the awful days after the Disruption

This was the point of one of the most striking reminiscences of Dr. Thomas Guthrie at a later date; “I remember passing a manse on a moonlight night, with the minister who had left it, for the cause of truth. No light shone from the house, and no smoke arose. Pointing to it in the moonlight, I said, ‘Oh, my friend, it was a noble thing to leave that house.’ ‘Ah, yes,’ he replied; ‘it was a noble thing, but for all that it was a bitter thing. I shall never forget the night I left that house till I am laid in my grave. When I saw my wife and children go forth in the gloaming; when I saw them for the last time leave our own door; and when in the dark I was left alone, with none but my God in that house; and when I had to take water and quench the fire on my own hearth, and put out the candle in my own house, and turn the key against myself, and my wife, and my little ones that night - God in His mercy grant that such a night I may never again see !

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