Literature of Robert S. Candlish


(b. March 23rd, 1807; d. October 19th, 1873).


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For a list of works and papers held in British libraries, see works list.

The Simplicity of Christ - from "Sermons by the late R.S.Candlish DD"
The two sisters and Lazarus - from Free Church Pulpit
Upon Earthly and Heavenly Things - John 3 v.12.
And Joseph Died - and all His Brethren - Gen 5:5,8,11,14 etc.
Earthly and Heavenly Things - John 3:12 - from "The Gospel of Forgiveness"
Death and Life With Christ - Col. 3:3 - from "Sermons..."
Unity of the Spirit - preached after the General Assembly of 1873

Upon Prayer and Praise in the Psalms - from the Memoirs.
Upon the Eve of the Disruption - in St. George's Church.
Upon Papal Aggression

Works -
"Scripture Characters and Miscellanies" (1850);
Chapter One And Joseph Died - and all his Brethren
Chapter Two Eli - His Heart Trembled for the Ark of God
Chapter Three A Godly Man Trembling for the Ark of God
Chapter Four Eli - Part 4.
Chapter Five - the Long-suffering of God, Ahab
Chapter Six - the Forbearance of God in the Case of Jehoshaphat
Chapter Seven - The Sin of Herod, who would "not reject her"
Chapter Eight - Herod, who "Would not reject her. . "
Chapter Nine - Herod as an example of the alleged "Necessity of Sinning"
Chapter Ten - Peter, part one.
Chapter Eleven - Peter, the Triumph, Infirmity and Trial of Faith
Chapter Twelve - Mary, Martha and Lazarus - "Lord, if thou hadst been here our brother would not have died"
Chapter Thirteen - Mary and Martha, Part two.
Chapter Fourteen - Peter and John (one)
Chapter Fifteen - The Friendship of Peter and John (two)
Chapter Sixteen - Peter and John and Mary.
Chapter Seventeen - the Spirit of God striving with Man

"Examination of Mr. Maurice's Theological Essays" (1854);
An Extract from the book below.

"Reason and Revelation" (1859);
The Authority and Inspiration of Scripture
The Infallibility of Holy Scripture
Conscience and the Bible

"The Atonement" (1861);

Chapter One - The Question Viewed in its Relation to Human Systems and Methods of Scriptural Proof
Chapter Two - The Westminster Standards and the Relation Between Atonement and Faith.
Chapter Three - Method of Scriptural Proof, Classification of Texts Usually Alleged Against the Calvinistic Doctrine

"The Fatherhood of God" (1865);
Preliminary Essay, being refutation of Prof. Crawford's criticism of this treatise.
Lecture One. Authority of the Moral Law
Original Relation of Man to God - The invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead. - Romans I. 20
The Fatherhood of God as manifested in the person of Christ, the Incarnate Word. "God sent forth His Son, made of a woman" - Gal.4:4 (Lecture Two)
The Fatherhood of God, as revealed and known before the incarnation - Gal. 4:4 "When the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son" (Lecture Three)
Teaching of our Lord on His Own Sonship and of His Brethren. "The first-born among many brethren". - Romans viii. 29.
The Manner of Entrance into the Relation; Adoption as Connected with Regeneration and Justification. John 1:12-13
The Privileges and Obligations of Sonship. - "Now are we the sons of God." - l John iii. 2. END OF TREATISE

"Gospel of Forgiveness" (1878),
Earthly and Heavenly Things - same as above.(sermons)
The Sifting Question - from John vi 67-71

"Two Great Commandments"(1860) - Rom.12 (see also commentaries, below)
Introductory Discourse
Chapter One. Consecration to God
Chapter One concluded.

The Conversion of the Jews - one of a series of lectures by ministers of the Church of Scotland
Lecture by R.S.Candlish - The Intimate Connection Between the Glory of the Church in the Latter Days and the restoration and Conversion of the Jews.

Studies in Genesis - "We venture to characterise this as THE work upon Genesis . ." C.H.Spurgeon
Chapter One - Creation Viewed as a Matter of Faith
Chapter Two - Creation Viewed on the Heavenly Side. Ge. 1:1-2 , 3

Studies in 1 Corinthians 15 (Originally published as "Life in a Risen Saviour")
Chapter 1 "The Consistency of Paul's Preaching" - or, "Stand fast in the old ways"

Studies in Romans 12 - The Christian's Sacrifice and Service of Praise.
Chapters 1 - Sacrifice - its nature and conditions
Chapter One concluded

1 John
Chapters 1 - 10
Chapters 11 - 20
Chapters 21 - 30
Chapters 31 - 40
Chapters 40 - 46
(These are Candlish' chapters, not John's)

Paul's Epistle To The Ephesians
Chapters One to Twenty Three (not quite all, see health warning above)

Sermons of Andrew Gray of Perth
Memoir to Sermons - almost a book in itself - 105 pages! With Prefatory remarks.
Memoir, part II

The Evangelical Succession - lecture one John Calvin

Letters - see separate page for list of letters published on this site.

Works About R.S.Candlish

"Memorials of Robert Smith Candlish" by Wm. Wilson D.D.
Pen-Picture, by Re.Alexander Gregory of Anstruther

Tour of the North - account by Dr. M'Lauchlan of a tour on behalf of the
Education fund with Dr. Candlish and Mr. Meldrum

"Life," by J. L. Watson.
The Three Influences on the life of Candlish
Dr.Buchanan's testimonial to Dr.Candlish
An Account of a sermon in Free St. George's - by J.A.Alexander *
* This sermon just happened to be one published here.

"The Diary of Jessie Thain - The Friend of Robert Murray McCheyne."
- description of a sermon by Candlish

Annals of the Disruption
Dangers of the Post-Disruption Church

"Disruption Worthies"
Robert Smith Candlish, by the Rev. Henry Wellwood Moncrieff, Bart. DD.

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