Letter 1 to Mr.Henderson, upon hearing of the death of Dr. Cunningham

Letter 2 to Mrs. Henderson - his daughter, upon entering the new Manse

Letter 3 to Mrs. Henderson - upon having to be chief cook and bottle-washer

Letter 4 to Dr. Buchanan - upon the Moral Law and Psalmody (extracts)

Letter 5 to Dr. Buchanan - mainly upon the imminent death of his daughter.

Speech to Assembly, with letter 6 to Dr. Buchanan. On Prayer and Praise in the Psalms.

Letter 7 to Miss Campbell, upon the death of his sister

Letter 8 to Bell from Lausanne where he was having a short break.

Letter 9 to Mr. Maclagan upon hearing of the appointment of A. Whyte to be has assistant at St. Georges.

Letter 10 to Rev. Alexander Whyte, during his absence on a fishing holiday.

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