Letter 2, to Mrs. Henderson

On the 20th October he wrote to his daughter, Mrs. Henderson

I would have written you in time for your entering your manse, if I had got your letter soon enough. As it is, I postpone all the things I have to say on the occasion, sad, serious, or sunny, till I see you. Only I assure you of my most earnest wishes and prayers for your peace and happiness, yours and A ‘s (her husband) together, in your new abode. I hope it may prove to you both a centre of love and mutual joy, and to the people for whose benefit it is erected a source of much good.

I have made it a condition of my consent to Maggie and Molly visiting you at this time, that they make at least two pairs of bands for James during their sojourn with you. Four should be the number. You will see to this; else neither they, nor I, will darken your door again!"

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