Letter 7 to Miss Campbell

On the 1st January 1867 he addressed the following letter to Miss Campbell

"I write a few lines for my wife and myself to send you the usual compliments of the season, and to express our gladness and thankfulness at the good accounts we have of your improved health. You will not expect a long letter when I tell you that my sister died this morning at six o clock. You know the sad state in which she has been for years. We cannot grieve ever the event that brings to her, as we humbly hope, a change from earthly vacuity to heavenly intelligence and joy; but sorrowful memories, old and recent, crowd upon our hearts, and half closed wounds are reopened. Pray for us, and specially for me, that I may do the Master's work, and submit to His will.
We have reason to be thankful that we have all our kith and kin with us, and all well, except Robert, who left us in excellent health."

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