Letter 8 to Mr. Bell.

From Interlaken, on the 15th August, he wrote to Mr. Bell

"We have been enjoyiug ourselves very much. The weather has been hot; but we have managed to see and do a good deal of tourist scenery and work." [He goes on to speak of the delights of Lucerne, and of his ascent of the Rigi, and the sunrise there.] "Fancy your humble servant walking both up and down, and on the top. I could not have dreamt of it a month ago. But this climate does wonders. Yesterday we came here by the Brunig Pass, a long day's drive.

Now, for the future, that you may know where to send letters, this is our plan. We propose to start on Monday (19th) for Lausanne, where we mean to leave our heavy luggage. On Tuesday we start for Chamouny, either by Geneva or Martigny, returning by the route we do not take in going. We mean to be at Chamouny on the 20th, and to remain till the 25th, when we return to Geneva or Lausanne. From Lausanne, when we are satisfied with it, we go on to Paris and, after a short stay there, we think of spending a week or ten days at the seaside at Dieppe, from whence we can get easily by a short sea-voyage to London?

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