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Robert Candlish Works List

1) Appeal to the people of the Free Church of Scotland on behalf of the education scheme - 1855 Free Church of Scotland
2) The Atonement : its reality, completeness, and extent. London : T. Nelson
3)The authority and inspiration of the Holy Scriptures : a lecture - Young Men's Christian Association [London] :
4)The book of Genesis : expounded in a series of discourses - Edinburgh
5) A brief refutation of the doctrine of Erastianism - Printed and published at the Fife Sentinel Office; sold also by John Johnstone, Edinburgh, and W. Collins, Glasgow
6) Christianity and recent speculations : six lectures by ministers of the Free church - Edinburgh : (Ed. by Guthrie) John Maclaren Bible not inconsistent with science / Thomas Smith -- On the place and ends of miracles / Robert Rainy -- Spiritual Christianity in relation to secular progress / W.G. Blaikie -- The purpose and form of Holy Scripture / Andrew Crichton -- Prayer and natural law / John Duns -- The Sabbath / R.S. Candlish KW- Free Church of Scotland KW- Theology HL- Glasgow
7) The Christian's sacrifice and service of praise or, The two great commandments : being an exposition of the twelfth chapter of the epistle to the Romans. Edinburgh : C. Black 1867 8) The Christian's Sacrifice - London, James Nisbet, Romans XII, Commentaries
9) Church and State - Ireland 1869 from the 'North British Review', November, 1845
10) The Church's Unity in Diversity : being the sermon preached at the opening of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, on Thursday, May 22, 1862
11) College extension in the Free Church of Scotland, considered with reference to the present state of the question - Edinburgh
12) A Commentary on 1 John. A Geneva Commentary : Banner of Truth Trust 1973
13) The Consolations of Christ adapted to the state and character of his people. Edinburgh?
14) Contributions towards the Exposition of the Book of Genesis
15) Correspondence betwixt the Hon. Lord Murray and the Rev. Dr. Candlish, regarding the interference of the Roman Catholic Priesthood with Edinburgh Original Ragged and Industrial Schools, Edinburgh ; Glasgow : J. Maclaren : W.Collins
16) A Course of Lectures to Young Men on science, literature and religion. Glasgow : William Collins Contents: 1. On the importance of the season of youth in the formation of character R.S. Candlish 2. Religion the noblest object of study ... / James Harper
3. Self-education / John Edwards
4.Character-its paramount influence on the happiness of individuals/ James A. Wylie
5. Geology ... pt.1. The creation --
6. Geology ... pt. 2. The deluge / Henry Duncan --
7. On the peculiar dangers to which young men are exposed / Nathaniel Paterson --
8. On the importance of knowledge when made subservient to man's highest interest
9. Responsibility of the young men of the present age ... / W. L. Alexander --
10. On the Moral Influence of Modern Prose Literature / R. J. Bryce
11. On the Moral Influence of Modern Poetical Literature / W. M. Hetherington
17) The Cross of Christ, the call of God, saving faith : an inquiry into the completeness and extent of the atonement.. 18) Discourses bearing upon the sonship and brotherhood of believers and other kindred subjects
19) The duty of laying by a stated proportion of our income. 2 Cor.8:9
20) Ecclesiastical obedience : a respectful answer to Dr. Candlish's appeal - Stuart A. Moody - Bonar Andrew A. - Candlish Robert Smith
21) Educational scheme of the Free Church. Address by the Rev. Dr Candlish. 22) Eli trembling for the ark of God : a sermon preached in Free St. George's, April 27, and on the evening of May 11, 1845
23) Engagement in defence of the liberties of the church and people of Scotland 24) Examination of Mr Maurice's Theological essays
25) Extension of Divinity Halls : a letter addressed to Free Churchmen, with a reply to the pamphlets of the Rev. Dr.Candlish and Rev. James Buchanan
26) Extracts from the speech of Dr. Candlish : at the meeting of the Sabbath Alliance, held in the Music Hall, Nov. 24, 1847
27) The Fatherhood of God : being the first course of the Cunningham lectures delivered before the New College, Edinburgh, 1864 28) A few words to the Old Light ministers and elders of the Free Church of Scotland
29) The First Epistle of John : expounded in a series of lectures
30) Four letters to E. B. Elliott, on some passages in his Horae Apocalypticae, relative to the question of church establishments, and more..
31) The Free Assembly Commission and the Cardross case : Dr Candlish criticised
32) Free Church of Scotland education scheme : speeches of Dr. Candlish, Lord Panmure, and Professor Miller in the General Assembly Thursday, 25th May 1854 33) The Free Church tending to Voluntaryism : letter to the Rev. R.S. Candlish, D.D., occasioned by his proclamation,
34) Friendly address to the dissenters of Scotland on the present position of the established church
35) Gospel contrasts and parallels : sermons. 36) Grace and faith, or, The promise sure to all the seed, by grace through faith
37) The great controversy : exhibited in a series of letters, addressed to various authors & preachers in Scotland
38) Heads of objections to the Marriage Affinity Bill : (drawn up by Dr Candlish, on the part of a Deputation send to London on a similar measure some years ago, and issued now by the Scottish Marriage Law Defence Association)
39) In the present circumstances of the church, it cannot be deemed premature
40) The infallibility of Holy Scripture : a lecture delivered in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, on Tuesday, April 7, 1857, at the request of the Manchester Young Men's Christian Association,
41) John Knox, his time, and his work : a discourse, delivered in the Assembly Hall of the Free Church of Scotland, on 18th May, 1846
42) Lecture on the advantages which the Church derives from an alliance with the state, in the decent respect and reverence secured to the institutions of religion delivered at Edinburgh on the 3d of February 1835 : being the fifth of a series of lectures, at the request of "The Edinburgh Young Men's Association for Promoting the Interests of the Church of Scotland"
43) Letter by James Fairbairn to Robert Candlish on a scheme for promoting the production of a religious literature of a high-class in Scoltand
44) Letter to Dr. Candlish, of Edinburgh on the word of God as to the Jewish Sabbath and Sunday : to be read by serious Christians of all denonminations
45) A letter to the Marquess of Lansdowne, on the reform and extension of the parish school system of Scotland. 1850
46) A letter to the Marquis of Normanby,
47) Letter to the Rev. R. S. Candlish : occasioned by his remarks in the December number of "The Free Church Magazine" on the atonement
48) A letter to the Rev. Robert S. Candlish, D.D. touching what passeth in his household on the Sabbath ... Slave money; is the Sustentation Fund the cause of God? 1847
49) A letter to the Rev. Robert S. Candlish
50) Letter to the Rev. R.S. Candlish D.D. : occasioned by his remarks in the December number of "The Free Church Magazine" on the atonement 1845
51) The Liberty of the Christian Church
52) Life in a Risen Saviour : being discourses on the argument of the fifteenth chapter of first Corinthians
53) The Lord's Day not the Sabbath : an inquiry into the teaching of scripture on the subject, in a letter to the Rev. R. S. Candlish D.D
54) The Lord's short work on the earth : a sermon preached in Free St. George's, Edinburgh, on Sabbath, January 4, 1852
55) Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God : two discourses
56) Man's right to the Sabbath : Sabbath made for man; Son of Man lord of it:a sermon.
57) Memorials of Robert Smith Candlish, D.D., Minister of St. George's Free Church and Principal of the New College, Edinburgh 1880
58) Mr. Maurice's Theology : a letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Shaftesbury, president of the Young Men's Christian Association ; on Mr. Maurice's republished defence of himself
59) Narrative relating to certain recent negotiations : for the settlement of the Scottish Church question
60) Notes on Rev. John Cumming's letter to the Marquis of Cholmondeley on the Present state of the Church of Scotland
61) On Maurice's Theological essays : a lecture
62) The organ question; statements by Dr Ritchie, and Dr Porteous, for and against the use of the organ in public worship, 1807-8
63) The orthodox doctrine regarding the extent of the atonement vindicated
64) Ought the non-intrusionists to join with the United Secession? : a letter addressed to the Rev. Dr. Candlish
65) Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians : expounded in a series of discourses
66) Paul's pleading for Christian giving : being an exposition of the eighth and ninth chapters of his second Epistle to the Corinthians
67) Plea for the total abolition of church patronage in Scotland : 1842
68) Practical remarks on the Scotch Church question 1841
69) The principle of free inquiry and private judgement, and its special importance in the present times : a sermon addressed particularly to students and young men 1846
70) The principles of vesting in the law of succession 1938
71) Reason and Revelation 1867
72) Reason insufficient without revelation : a sermon preached in St. George's Church, Edinburgh, on Sabbath 14th September, 1834 73) Reasons of dissent by Dr. Cook and others : and answers thereto on the part of the Commission of the General Assembly : relative to the decision of the Commission of 14th August 1839, on the reference from the Presbytery of Auchterarder
74) Remarks on the Christian principle of benevolence : a discourse delivered in St .George's Church, Edinburgh, on Thursday evening, 29th October 1835,
75) Remarks on the Dean of Faculty's letter to the Lord Chancellor 1839
76) Reply to Dr. Candlish's four letters on certain passages in the "Horae Apocalyticae;"
77) Report of Committee on the employment of evangelists : May 1869
78) Report of speeches of the Rev. Dr. Burns, Robert S. Candlish, and Alexander Earle Monteith, Esq., in the General Assembly on Wednesday, May 22, 1839, in the Auchterarder case : with an appendix, containing reasons of adherence to the Church of Scotland and answers to the various reasons of dissent from the decision of the Assembly 79) Report of the speech delivered at a meeting of the Commission of the General Assembly, 11th Dec. 1839 : on the Marnoch case
80) Report of the speeches of the Rev. Dr. Gordon, Mr. Buchan of Kelloe, and Rev. R.S. Candlish, in the commission of the General Assembly, on Wednesday, August 14, 1839, on the Auchterarder case
81) Rev. Dr. Candlish's speech on the Cardross Case : at the meeting of the Commission of the Free Church General Assembly, held at Edinburgh, Nov. 21, 1860
82) Review of An examination of Hamiltonian philosophy, by J.S. Mill, M.P.; including strictures on Dr Mansel and Dr Candlish's modern theology
83) The Scottish pulpit Saturday, 17th May, 1834
84) Scripture Characters and Miscellanies 1850
85) Second friendly address to the Dissenters of Scotland 1841
86) Security in the midst of danger : the ninety-first Psalm applied, in a sermon and charge, delivered before the Free Presbytery of Edinburgh, met to ordain the Rev. Robert Boag Watson as chaplain to the forces, on Tuesday, November 21, 1854
87) Series of tracts on intrusion of ministers on reclaiming congregations 1840
88) Sermon preached Edinburgh : Printed for distribution among members of the congregation 1845
89) A sermon, preached in Free St. George Church, Edinburgh, on Sabbath, August 15, 1847
90)Sermons 1873 With a biographical preface
91) Sermons preached in Free St. George's Church, Glasgow ... on occasion of the death of the Rev. John Smyth, James Henderson, and Robert S. Candlish, 1860
92) Set forms of public prayer, their introduction and the state of the question in regard to them : being the closing address delivered in the New College, Edinburgh, on Wednesday, 3d April 1867
93) The Son of Man Lord of the Sabbath : a sermon
94) The Son's Standing in the Father's House : an exposition of John 8:35,36 : with preface explanatory of points in Cunningham lectures on the Fatherhood of God 1865
95) Speech by the Rev. Dr. Candlish : before the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, on Friday, 31st May, 1850,
96) Speech of Dr Candlish : in the debate on union in the Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh, 9th November 1870
97) Speech of the Rev. Dr. Candlish : on the sustentation of schoolmasters 1846
98) Speech of the Rev. Robert S. Candlish, at the Commission of the General Assembly, August 12, 1840, on the motion for serving the suspended ministers of the Presbytery of Strathbogie with a libel
99) The state of the case for the Church of Scotland, in her negociation with the government and the legislature, on the subject of the law against the intrusion of ministers : by authority of the General Assembly's Committee 1839
100) Statement and appeal of the Edinburgh Bible Society : addressed to the friends of pure Bible circulation, and the religious public of Scotland 1845
101) Strictures on the Rev. James Robertson's "Letter to Dr. Candlish on the atonement" 1845
102) Summary of the question respecting the Church of Scotland : with special reference to the present stage of the controversy 1841
103) The sword of the Lord : a sermon preached in Free St. George's Church, Edinburgh, on Wednesday, April 26, 1854, being the day appointed for national humiliation and prayer in reference to the present war
104) Tendencies in connection with the doctrine of future punishment : being Principal Candlish's introductory lecture at the opening of the session 1869-70, in the new College, Edinburgh
105) The attractive power of the cross 1843
106) The uncertain theology in the colleges of the Free Church : a speech delivered in the Free Presbytery of Edinburgh, February 11th, 1880
107) The unity of the Spirit - the bond of peace : a sermon preached in Free St. George's, on the first Sabbath after the rising of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, 1873
108) Vindication of the universality of the atonement : In reply to the recently published work of the Rev. Dr. Candlish of Edinburgh, entitled, "The atonement, its reality, completeness and extent."
109) The word of God, the instrument in the propagation of the Gospel : a sermon, preached before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge ... on Thursday, May 11, 1843

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