"It may cast new light on the character of these men of God to select from a few of them a sample of what they preached and taught. It is common to pick out from their discourses passages in which the preacher says strong things in reference to times and circumstances, but let it not be forgotten that these are incidental, and do not convey a fair impression of the real style of their preaching. They preached "Christ crucified" and they preached his cross and his crown wherever they went."
(From "Scots Worthies" edited by Andrew A. Bonar)
Many of the Covenanters were imprisoned on Bass Rock - see it here.

Andrew Gray Andrew Gray (1634 - 1656) was born and lived in the glorious era of the Puritans. He died, of "Purple Fever" after just two years of ministering the Word to his people in the High Outer Kirk, of Glasgow. Read his life, his works and his praises - by many eminent people, like Robert Traill.

guthrie w banner William Guthrie (1620 - 1665) ministered in the remote village of Fenwick, South-West of Glasgow. He is famous for "Christian's Great Interest" which John Owen carried everywhere.

chalmers Thomas Chalmers (1780 - 1847) was a giant in his day, consorting with Kings, Princes and Statesmen, but retaining great humility and love for his people, whom he constantly sought to bring to salvation.

grayperth Andrew Gray - Perth (1805 - 1861)
He was energetic in the things he believed in, and these included abolishing patronage in the Church of Scotland. Read about it, and some of his sermons.

candlish Robert Smith Candlish (1806 - 1873) was a gigantic intellect and an enormously popular preacher. Second only to Chalmers as a statesman, he exceeded, some said, in his grasp of Theology.

guthbanner "Scotland's most popular preacher" he was, but also invented "Ragged Schools" and started a Savings Bank for the poor. Read his Autobiography, here.

bonar Andrew A.Bonar (1810-1892) biographer of Robert Murray M'Cheyne, and brother of Horatio, the hymn-writer was a saintly and energetic minister who preached until he died and wrote much.

mccheyne Robert Murray M'Cheyne (1813-1843) became famous through his saintly and pious life, even though cut short at 29. His life, and works can be seen here.

thomson banner
Born at Sanquhar, in Dumfries, he was, in the beginning of the year 1802, licensed to preach the gospel by the presbytery of Kelso. Removed to Edinburgh, he rapidly became famous and influential at St George's, becoming
a major force in the "Disruption" movement.

Born at Sanquhar, in Dumfries, 11 February 1814, the son of John Thomson, shopkeeper and later farmer, and Elizabeth McCall. He became known as "the younger Thomson", of Broughton Place Free Presbyterian Church, Edinburgh, and famed for a number of useful books.

binning2 HUGH BINNING (1627-1653)
Another remarkable man who died young - at 26. He has left many works, and many of these are still available to purchase. He was notorious, in his day, for preaching in understandable English, not Latin-ish or broad 'Scotch' but vernacular English. (The image, left, is from his "works")

R&pwri1 JAMES DURHAM (1622-1658)
Born of noble family, left university before graduating, but a remarkable conversion under Ephraim Melville got him studying under David Dickson, ordained to Blackfriars in Glasgow. He was 36 at death.

melville ANDREW MELVILLE (1545-1622)
Seen as the successor to John Knox, this remarkable man defied Bishops, Princes and Kings in defence of the Presbyterian Faith. (The image, left, is the Melville Monument in Edinburgh)

knox JOHN KNOX (1505-1572)
This man carried out the Scottish Reformation, almost single-handed, and rescued Scotland from Popery in the teeth of determined opposition from Queen Mary and all the might of Rome.

Rutherford  SAMUEL RUTHERFORD (1600 - 1661)
Best-known for his pastorship at Anwoth and his "Letters", he is also know for his intolerance of what ran counter to his firm convictions! See the photos of Anwoth, here, if you do nothing else.

traill2 ROBERT TRAILL (1642-1716)
Born in Elie, college in Edinburgh where he distinguished himself. Famous for his devoted, and risky, attendance on the martyr James Guthrie when he was on the scaffold. Also spent time on Bass Rock.

bible2b  RALPH ERSKINE (1685-1752). "Perhaps lacked some of the impressiveness of his brother, Ebenezer, yet gentler, more ideal, more mystical than his brother, fond of music and proficient on the violin." In 1711 he was appointed as Minister of the Second Charge at the famous Dunfermline Abbey, later being promoted to First Charge. (1716)

eb erskine EBENEZER ERSKINE (1680-1754). Founder of the Secession Church in Scotland. Son of a minister ejected in 1662 for nonconformity, he graduated at Edinburgh University in 1697, and in 1703 was ordained to Portmoak, where for twenty-eight years he ministered faithfully and controversially!

press JOHN (RABBI) DUNCAN (1796 - 1870)
An Eminent Scholar and Metaphysician,
A Profound Theologian, Known for his intense interest in the Jews.
A man of tender piety and of a lowly loving spirit. (from his memorial stone). Buried in Edinburgh.

haldane ROBERT HALDANE (1764-1842)
Born 28th February 1764 in Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square, London, he was the eldest brother of James Alexander Haldane. Like his brother he was brought up under the care of his grandmother, Lady Lundie, and the two boys attended school in Dundee and the high school of Edinburgh together. After spending a very short time at Edinburgh University, early in 1780 he joined H.M.S. Monarch as midshipman . . See Biography for the rest.

welsh JOHN WELSH of AYR (1568 - 1622) Born of an ancient and well-to-do family in Dumfriesshire about the year 1568. His early life gave to his family little prospect of his future greatness as a minister of Christ and son-in-law to Knox himself. He was a riotous youth who frequently played truant at school and, later, joined himself to a gang of border thieves .. He became something of a prophet - read about it.

Duncan H HENRY DUNCAN (1774 - 1846)
This very energetic minister founded the world's first Savings Bank, discovered and restored the Ruthwell Cross, found some fossils ensuring national fame, and was minister to his flock at Ruthwell.

lovatt JAMES FRASER OF BREA (1639-1698)
Parish Minister of Culross, Bass Rock, Blackness, and New Gate Prisoner
and Author of "The Book of the Intricacies of my Heart and Life" (See Bass Rock, here)

wishart GEORGE WISHART (1513-1546)
A powerful Protestant preacher, confidant and mentor of John Knox. Preaching the Protestant Reform in 1546 he was betrayed to Cardinal David Beaton and imprisoned in the bottle dungeon at the Castle in St. Andrews. Subsequently tried for heresy, and burnt at the stake outside the Castle.

henderson2 ALEXANDER HENDERSON (1583-1646) His cause, honourable in the sight of God, was much despised by men high in place. He strongly resisted ecclesiastical oppression, and earnestly contended for the faith once delivered unto the saints. He was highly esteemed by all ranks of the people,

living2 JOHN LIVINGSTONE (1603-1672)
He was familiar with French, Italian and Dutch, and read the Bible in Spanish and German. In the noble army of book-lovers our Covenanter stands well to the front.

stalker2 JAMES STALKER (1846-1929) Born in Crieff, Scotland he attended university at New College, Edinburgh, becoming pastor at St. Brycedale, Kirkcaldy. Author of many works, including Imagio Christi, he became Professor of Church History at New College, adding Christian Ethics later.

anderson2 Sir Robert Anderson Irish, of Scottish descent, and a Presbyterian Lay Reader, he joined the Bar, was head-hunted to the Secret Service to "mole" the IRA (Fenians in those days) and became Head of London's Scotland Yard, responsible for nailing "Jack the Ripper". He wrote 17 books on Biblical Criticism and related subjects, being forthright and direct in his attack, and invariably good at "providing the evidence".


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