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Born Dublin, Ireland. Of Scottish descent.Son of Matthew Anderson a Crown Solicitor. Receives a BA from Trinity College Dublin.
Called to the Bar.
Married Agnes Alexandrina Moore.
Brought over to London as part of an intelligence branch to combat Fenianism. The branch was soon closed but Anderson remained in London as a Home Office "Advisor in matters relating to political crime". He was also the controller for the spy Thomas Miller Beach who had penetrated the Fenian movement.
Relieved of all duties except controlling Beach after trouble with Home Secretary Childers.
Secretary of the Prison Commissioners.
Aug - Replaces James Monro as Assistant Commissioner CID.
Retires and is knighted.
Publishes his memoirs "The Lighter Side of My Official Life"
Nov 15 - Died.

The above synopsis only hints at the excitement of Anderson's extraordinary life. In one side of his life he was Head of Scotland Yard, with inside knowledge of the really nasty side of life but access to all the social gaieties of the Gentry and Nobility of London. The other side was as Lay Preacher and serious Bible student, when he wrote a number of most unusual books answering questions often asked asked but seldom properly answered (see "The Silence of God") and protesting against the methods of Biblical "Higher Criticism". He especially takes to task those establishment ministers who take all this rubbish on board, taking the Bible for the work of human hands and Jesus Christ for nothing but a good man.
For a list of his works, see page on Literature, and this includes another biography.
For some pictures of London in his time, see page of Photo's.

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