From "The Whole Works of Andrew Gray"
The Mystery of Faith Opened Up - Sermon 1
Mystery of Faith - sermon 2
Ditto - Sermon 3, 1 John 3:23
Ditto - Sermon 4, same text.
Ditto - Sermon 5, same text
Ditto - Sermon 6, same text.
The Great Salvation - Sermon One (14)
The Great Salvation - Sermon Two (15)
Considering Death - Sermon Three (16)

Twelve Select Sermons - Westminster Standard 1961 (Gisburne, New Zealand)
Christ's Mournful Visit to Obstinate Sinners
Christ's Royal Priesthood Sufficient Encouragment for Faith
Christian Diligence - The Way of Attaining Comfortable Assurance
For Jesus Christ is Precious Unto Believers
Christ Precious To Believers
The Brevity of Life - a Call to Improve it.
The Believer's Love to an Unseen Christ
Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices
Strangers Called to Behold Christ - Isaiah LXV 1
Strangers Called to Behold Christ - Isaiah LXV 1-1
The Indispensible Duty of Giving the Heart to Christ - Pro.23:26
The Necessity and Advantage of Looking Unto Jesus - Isa. xlv: 22

A Door Unto Everlasting Life - Five Treatises.
Treatise One -For Leaving Sin and Living Holily
Treatise 2 - Directions How to Attain Eternal Blessedness
Treatise Three - The Characters of a True Believer
Treatise Four - The Resolution of Many Doubts and Cases of Conscience
Treatise Five - The Happinesses and Privileges of the True Believer

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Glasgow Cathedral - or Outer Home Kirk - where Gray was ordained minister in 1654

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