the Youngest puritan



There are just three publications available, as far as I can find out.
The "Whole Works" published some time after his death, republished in 1839 by King of Aberdeen
and reprinted by Soli Deo Gloria in 1992.
"A Door Opening Into Everlasting Life" consisting of five treatises and re-published by the Netherlands
Reformed Book and Publishing Committee in 1989.
"Twelve Select Sermons" re-published by Westminster Standard of Gisborne, New Zealand, in 1961.
These, fortunately, are complementary, and selections can be found here and on the "Sermons" page.

Blaikie's Biography - from "Preachers of Scotland" re-printed in 2001 by Banner of Truth Trust
Howie's "Scots Worthies" - my edition edited by Andrew Bonar
Westminster Standard version of "Twelve Select Sermons" paperback.

Other Introductions and Papers
Joel R.Beeke in SDG version of "Whole Works" published 1992 and still available secondhand.
Publisher's Note - to the First Edition of the "Works"
W.K.Tweedie's Preface to the 1839 Edition.

Speech - before communion on 12th June 1653
Exhortation - Table One, before communion on 12th June 1653
Exhortation - Table Two, before communion on 12th June 1653
Exhortation - Table Three, before communion on 12th June 1653
Exhortation - Table Four, before communion on 12th June 1653

Photographs - of St. Andrews, where Andrew Gray was educated in things Divine
and some other items of interest.

There is a connection with William Guthrie, too, who wrote the "Christian's Saving Interest"
"During the ministry of Andrew Gray at Glasgow, William Guthrie of Fenwick on one occasion assisted him at the dispensation of the Lord's Supper. Some of Cromwell's officers, then in Glasgow, acting on the principle of promiscuous admission to the Lord's table, were coming irregularly without having acquainted the minister, or giving evidence that they were prepared for the observance of that holy ordinance. Guthrie addressed them when leaving their pews to come to the table, with such gravity, resolution, and zeal, that they were quite confounded, and sat down again, without causing any further disturbance."


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