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Alan's European and Preserved Steam railway pictures.

Choose this page if you like steam - some main-line steam is here, from all over Europe and also a selection of preserved steam from UK mostly.


Alan's Diesel Pictures.

You get some really nice pics. here, but mostly older ones - if you want more up-to-date shots, try my other sites on the links page. This pic. is a long-gone class 33 at Ashford International with a nuclear flask train for Dungeness.

Alan's Prize Pics.

These are for those who like images of things other than trains! They are some of the best of my collection over 40-odd years (very odd, at times) and many are competition-winners! You can make screen-savers with 'em, too!

Alan's Links Page

Here are links to both rail and non-rail sites.


Should you be feeling sufficiently bold, you maymorepic7click here for whole Newble Resource. Hundreds of quality images of everything from Landscapes, Travel, and Close-ups, to Railways of Russia.

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