Alan's Prize Pics


Just a bit of driftwood!
Seen on a beach in Skye
Aren't they gorgeous in Autumn! Especially with a blue sky!
Lovely Kentish scene. Just beginning the Autumn colours. Close up - Beech nuts, with macro lens on camera.
Flower festival close-up, Bosham, on the Sussex coast Garden view, early one morning!
The lovely Kentish countryside - the "Garden of England"! One of my favourite places! Borrowdale in Cumbria.
Another wonderful spot - in Wales. More Lake District (Cumbria). Buttermere and the pines.
Lovely old-time view in Poland! Close-up of Begonia flower, This was only about 1 cm across.
Just a bit of bracken, but Autumn and sun does magic, doesn't it?

Up on King's How in the Lake District, there was this amazing light...

Another wonderful spot in the Lake District. Sun on the mountain-side - and some water. Talyllyn Lake.
Lake District, in England. Well, a bit of it... East Germany, Harz Mts. Time had stood still here for 70 years!


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