European Steam Photo's

s141tc23 141TC23 stands at Paris,
late 70s with push-pull.
snord Nord compound at Ashford
shed during a steaming.
rheine_em1 Rheine-Emden Ore Trains, last
steam workings in Europe
rheine_em2 Seen in the late 70s when
steam had gone from Britain.
rheine_em3 They covered all freight duties,
though primarily on ore trains.
rheine_em4 Ore was from Sweden, brought to
Emden for the iron works.
rheine_em5 Most of the ore
trains were double-headed!
rheine_em6 However all were oil-burners
, so smoke was black and stank!
rheine_em7 Western Europe's last main-line
steam - and we enjoyed it!
rheine_em8 Here is the smoke is from an oil-
burner. Still looks good, though.
s141rs Taken from the "Golden Arrow"
returning to England
Another steam "Arrow" passes.
s67tc2 Paris, again. with 67TC2 on
push-pull duty. More on my
Europe Steam site
0-10-0ospovitchi Ospovitchi, in Belarus - then in
the Soviet Union.
blackruss 2-10-0 on railtour duty, passes on
bridgeruss 2-10-0 crossing bridge over
unspecified river in Belarus.
eastgerm Saxon-Meyer tanks at Mugeln in
what was then East Germany.
egsaxmeyer More Saxon-Meyer tanks
at Mugeln. in 1991.
harzmt1 Harz Mountain Railway in 1991
Lots more on my Harz site
harzmt2 Another view of 2-10-2s
.in East Germany.
ok22no31pol2 OK22 no.31 in Poland in 1992
out of Wolsztyn.
ok22no31wolsztyn Same on shed at Wolsztyn. More
can be accessed here.
ol49no59pol OL49 no.59 at Wolsztyn,
being turned.
okz32no2chabowka OKZ 32 No.2 seen on duty
near Chabowka
p36russ1 P36 Russian 4-8-2 passenger
express loco. in Belarus. 1992
p36russ2 More on the redoubtable P36 p36russ3 P 36 seen at night - stationary!
p37minsk More of the famous P36 saxmey2 The Saxon-Meyer home-bound.
shroda260pol The little 2-6-0 tender locos
on the Shroda line, in Germany.
su255_33moscow SU 255 no.33 seen at Moscow
te6365russ TE class 6365 in Russia tkt48no173bolkow TKT48 no. 173 at Bolkow
ty2no305jaworzyna TY2 no.305 at Javorzyna
ty3no2pol TY3 no.2 in Wolzstyn
territory, Poland.
ty42no1pol TY42 no.1 the Polish version
of the German Kriegslok.

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