Books written by Dr. Thomson
Early Discipleship: Its Duty and Advantages
Historical Sketch of the Origin of the Secession Church
Friendly Counsels to Female Servants
The Sabbath not a mere Judaical Appointment
Life of Dr. John Owen
Life of James Montgomery (prefixed to Nelson's edition of his poems)
Life of Robert Pollok (prefixed to his Tales of the Covenanters)
Great Missionaries (a series of biographies);
The Good Evangelist (a Memoir of the Rev. James Trench)
Sketches of Scripture Characters Read about The Hebrew Maid, etc.
Funeral Sermon on Occasion of the Death of Prof. John Brown, D.D.
Life of the Rev. John Riddel
What Hinders (sermon preached before the London Missionary Society)
In the Holy Land: Travels in Palestine Read the whole book here.
Studies in the Book of Ruth
Life of Principal Harper, D.D. Read the first four chapters here.
Samuel Rutherford: a Biography
Thomas Boston of Ettrick: His Life and Times.
A paper read in 1861 at a conference in Geneva of the Evangelical Alliance on "The Scottish Sabbath" was printed in different languages and distributed over all of Europe.


Thomson's Jubilee - edited from The Scotsman 30th March 1887
The Late Rev.Dr. Thomson - from The Scotsman 9th February 1901
The Late Rev.Dr. Thomson - from The Scotsman 11th February 1901
The Funeral - from The Scotsman 13th February 1901

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