from The Scotsman, 13th February 1901

The remains of the late Rev. Dr. Andrew Thomson, senior minister of Broughton Place United Free Church, Edinburgh, were consigned to the grave in the Dean Cemetery yesterday afternoon followed thither by a large number of his ministerial brethren, members of his congregation, and others. Previous to the interment a service was conducted for the relatives at the residence of the deceased, 65 Northumberland Street by the Rev. Dr John Smith, Dr Thomson's colleague,: and at the close the coffin, covered with wreaths, was removed in a hearse drawn by four horses to the church, where a service was held at two o'clock.

The building, which was draped in mourning, was well filled. The Rev. Dr Thomas Smith and the Rev. James Stevenson, joint moderators of the Edinburgh United Free Presbytery, occupied the pulpit, and among others present were:— Principal Rainy, Principal Hutton, the Revs. Dr Mair, Morningside, Dr. Black, Glasgow; Dr John Smith, Dr. Cunningham, St Luke's; Dr. Philip, St John's, Dr. Cameron, College Street; Dr Hastings, Palmerston Place; W. Whyte Smith, Newington, W. M. Falconer, St Paul's; Charles A. Salmond, Morningside, R. J. Drummond, Lothian Road; James Rae, Momingside; David Christie, Nicolson Street, and Peter Wilson, St Andrew's Place; ex-Baillie Lewis, and Mr J. P. Coldstream, W.S.

The service was as follows: —Opening prayer by Dr Thomas Smith; praise, 23rd. Psalm; reading, 90th Psalm, Dr Mair, prayer, Dr. Black; praise, hymn 514—
"Sunset and Evening Star
And one clear call for me."
Reading from New Testament, Rev, James Stevenson; prayer, Principal Rainy; prayer, hymn 328—
"There is a land of pure delight
Where Saints immortal reign"
Benediction, Dr John Smith.

At the conclusion of the service, which was most impressive throughout, the coffin, which had been placed in front of the pulpit, was removed to the hearse, the congregation meanwhile standing and the organist playing the "Dead March in Saul" A procession was then formed. It was headed by the members of the Presbytery walking four abreast, followed by other ministers; then came the session of Lothian Road United Free Church, and other representative bodies, while immediately in front of the hearse marched the session and managers of Broughton Place Church. After the hearse came a long line of carriages containing the relatives and others, while the rear was made up of the members of the Congregation and the genera! public. On its way to the cemetery, the procession attracted much respectful attention. At the grave the remainder of the service was conducted.

The pall-hearers were:— Mr K. J. Comrie-Thomson (grandson): Mr Cowan, Penicuik; Mr.R. Herbert Johnston, W.S. (husbands of granddaughters) Dr J. Smith. Mr White Millar, Mr Cleland, Glasgow (cousin of the late Mrs Thomson), Mr. R. W. Wallis, clerk of Broughton Place Session ; and Principal Rainy.

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