After my wife said, incredulously, havn't you got any Deltics, I had a think, and, yes, I had a very few. Way back, in 1972, a friend and I had taken a Freedom Of Scotland Silver Ticket, and gone up and back, from London, on the Flying Scotsman. Then, it was the sole prerogative of the famous Deltics. So it was, we had 16 on the way up (Gordon Highlander?) and 21 on the return (Argyll and Sutherland Highlander). All of have of this historic trip is 5 views of the Deltics, and my excuse is that in those days we could still remember steam - and many of us just lost interest in the main-line after 1968, when BR withdrew steam.

 90016a90016 Gordon Highlander coming off shed  90016bSame, backing down onto the "Scot" .
 90016cClose up - and they don't come much closer  All these taken in September of 1972.
 90021a 90021 Argyll and Sutherland Highlander 90021b90021 at Edinburgh Waverley 

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