Class 37

These are very popular with enthusiasts, less so with drivers, I am told. At the time of writing, these are still fairly plentiful, but not for much longer, I think. The English Electric engine makes a very distinctive roar, not a bit like the effeminate purr of the 60s or 66s. Once I stood in the town of Liskeard in Cornwall, and we listened to one of these bring up half a train of china-clay wagons from the Moorswater works, and you could hear the roar all over town! Later it went back for the other half, and we video'd it - but it's never the same, after!

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37051did37051 Didcot   37065west37065 Westbury  37074peak37074 PeakFo  37116warr37116Warring
37174 PeakF 37174peak 37216 Hoo Jct. 37216hoo  37219 Didcot37219did  37241 Didcot37241did
 37332warr37332Warrin  37422llan37422 Llandidno  37427cwest37427cWest.  37427west 37427West.
37665Newport37665new  37665+friend . . 37665r 37669Newport37669new  37682Peak F.37682peak
 37706peter37706Peterbo'  37717barn 37717Barnetby  37719barn37719Barnetby  37795new37795Newpt.
 37pass.Lland..37passllan  37s at Newport 37snewp  Bangor 37 . . . ban37  37425newp37425Newport
 37426a244rread37426a422  37671lisk37671 Liskeard  lisk37Liskeard 37  lostw37sLostwithiel 37s
 moors37Moorswater 37  par37671bPar 37671b  37sferry37s near Ferryb  37sferry2same no.2

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