Among the posthumous Works of Mr Rutherford, are,
His Letters;
The Trial and Triumph of Faith;
Christ's Dying and Drawing of Sinners;
a discourse on Prayer;
a discourse on the Covenant;
on Liberty of Conscience;
a Survey of Spiritual Antichrist;
a Survey of Antinomianism;
Antichrist Stormed; and several other controversial pieces, as
Lex Rex;
The Due Right of Church Government;
The Divine Right of Church Government;
A Peaceable Plea for Presbytery; as also his
Summary of Church Discipline, and
A treatise on the Divine Influence of the Spirit.
There are also many of his sermons in print, some of which were preached before both Houses of Parliament, 1644 and 1645. There is also a volume of Sermons, Sacramental Discourses, etc
Rutherford's Walk, near Anwoth.
"Rutherford's Walk" near Anwoth, where he was wont to meditate. See Photos for more of Anwoth.

On this Web site we have the following short works - some of them not so short....

A Biography - by John Howie, from Scots Worthies
Biography in short - by William Carson
Shorter Biography - with short list of Works.
A Testimony to the Covenanted Work of Reformation
The Deliverance of the Kirk
Extract From "Weeping Mary at the Sepulchre"
All of "Weeping Mary at the Sepulchre"
Andrew Thomson's "Life of Samuel Rutherford"

Letter to Janet Kennedy
Letter to William Gordon
Letter to Hugh McKail of Irvine.
Letter to the Lady Cardoness
Thomson's Selection of Letters

Useful Links Sketch of his life. life and times selections from his letters on Christian Resistance. on "Due Right of Presbyteries" On Lawful Right to Resist - or "Lex Rex" Another site with Lex Rex, including the Greek and Hebrew, fonts required!

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