anster1 Anstruther, on the coast anster2 Anstruther sea-front anster3 Anstruther harbour
anster4 Anstruther sea-front 2 anster5 Post-Office Close anster6 Chalmers' birthplace
kilmany1 Kilmany Church kilmany2 Notice-board corner kilmany3 Church interior
kilmany4 Commemorative plaque kilmany6 Vestry interior kilmany7 Notice of Event
kilmany9 Church gallery standrews St.Andrews standrews2 St Andrews
anster7 Anstruther Parish church kilmany5 Picture in vestry kilmany8 Text of last sermon
kilmany10 Churchyard - towards gate kilmany11 Looking East from church Author and wife by the Savings Bank Museum

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