Noted biblical writers on dispensational lines - mostly of the persuasion known to the world as "Plymouth Brethren"


Brethren Online - very good resource site from Shawn Abigail - Bible's Pentateucal structure Good reading of Assembly-type material - Edwin's "Well of Oath" - Bible studies and recommended list. - Stem list - Shawn Abigail's FAQs about so-called Brethren. - Great Men of the "Plymouth" movement. - Exclusive Brethren pages. - Holdfast depot - T.Wells - Christian and Assembly sites
- Neatby's history
-acc. Num. bible
- our heritage - Gap Theory and some useful URLs - Schisms in the Brethren - FW Grant etc. - Good Website for Assemblies - Life of Darby, (Pre-tribulation Site) - links to Assembly-related sites - History of "Plymouth Brethren" Halls in the UK and more... For more about being saved, and living the saved life, try this one. This one is Uplook Ministries and well worth a visit. - Bible Believers Online. - The JRM pages, with many interesting articles. - The Believer's Bookshelf. Non-profit booksellers of good books. - The Tabernacle, a beautiful picture, and full typology. - Welcome to the Plymouth Brethren page! - Creation Renovation Theory - "Welcome to the Biblecentre -The site contains articles on Biblical topics, ......."
Thomas Newberry author of "The Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Bible", one of the best Study Bibles ever.
Sir Robert Anderson - the "Secret Service Theologian" and famous for "Daniel in the Critic's Den"
Alfred Corduan's Personal and Family Site - see a nice normal Christian!
My Brethren - the mainly "Exclusive" brethren site which will have nothing to do with this site because the brethren featured would object to being "famous". I am very sad about this, but cannot persuade them that the Brethren would be much more concerned about reaching millions (well, perhaps thousands) than their ephemeral "fame".
"Fellowship Together" online forum A new forum for Brethren-related matters.
Brethrenpedia - a new "wikki" for brethren material from al the world.
Lifehouse - a useful resource,
THE TWO BABYLONS - an amazing book which all Christians should read. Here it is on-line.
FF Bruce - a very sound Evangelical, and prolific and useful writer of eminently readable material.
A Day of Small Things - website of Darby's works, simplified for younger readers.

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