Noted biblical writers on dispensational lines - mostly of the persuasion known to the world as "Plymouth Brethren"



Mr. William Trotter was born in Yorkshire, in the UK, in 1818 and was converted when he was twelve.
He began to preach at 14, and at 19 was ordained as a minister of the Methodist New Connection, being used to the conversion of many in Halifax and York.
Shortly after he began to question several trends in the New Connection:
an increasing central control,
a growing distinction between clergy and laity,
and forcing acceptance of formal creeds.
In addition he published several lectures and pamphlets against worldly trends: His 'Lecture on the Use of Money' criticized the laying up of wealth and material possessions.
When his views were attacked, he defended them in a pamphlet, 'The Foolishness of God wiser than the Wisdom of Men'.
In 1841, his condemnation of insurance and benefit societies, such as the denomination's benevolent fund for its clergy, put him in conflict with the ruling conference, resulting according to his own 'Brief Report' in his "being discontinued from the ministry".
At that time a large number withdrew from the New Connection, including almost all of Mr. Trotter's own Bradford circuit.

By 1844, he was identified with the brethren in Halifax.
For a few years he edited 'The Christian Brethren's Journal and Investigator' which, according to one report, gave accounts of the "little companies of earnest men who began to meet in the early part of the nineteenth century in various parts of the country, unknown to each other, and under no human leadership … "the inception of this movement arising from a new illumination of the Personality of Jesus Christ, and of the essential unity of all who believe in Him, under whatever names they were differentiated".

His printed ministry consists of:
Eight Lectures on Prophecy (Trotter and Smith)
Plain Papers on Prophetic Subjects
Five Letters on Worship and Ministry in the Spirit.
He also wrote The Origin of so-called Open-Brethrenism, The Whole Case of Plymouth and Bethesda. This valuable booklet is published by Kingston Bible Trust.

The Lord took His servant in 1865, at the early age of 47.

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