Noted biblical writers on dispensational lines - mostly of the persuasion known to the world as "Plymouth Brethren"




HEALTH WARNING - Stuart, like so many of his contempories, was guilty of taking on board all that the Revision Committee of the Revised Version had to say about "Best manuscripts" We now know they are only "best" in age, not in quality. They are, in fact, very corrupt, which is why they were found in a dustbin! Corrections to the A.V. should only be made by experts in Hebrew and Greek who have copies of the texts. (Ed.)

C.E.Stuart was a constant contributor to a periodical entitled "Words in Season."
The Sacrifices,
Simple Papers on the Church of God
The Atonement, as set forth in the Old Testament,
Textual Criticism of the New Testament, for English readers
Review of Robertson Smith’s Lectures on the Old Testament in the Jewish Church,
Christian Standing and Condition
Papers on Propitiation
Relationships With God - Read all six chapters here.
Remarks on the Tabernacle.
Devotional expositions of the Gospels of Mark,
. Luke, and
. John, the
. TRACINGS FROM THE ACTS. - Read all of it here.
. Epistles to the Romans and
. Hebrews, and the
. Book of Psalms,
Pamphlet on "The Critics: Shall We Follow Them?".
A New Creation - a short piece setting out CES's view on this subject.
Primitive Christianity - read Chapter One - or read Chapter Three

QUOTES - Read some of his pungent sayings here.

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