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Sermons and Sacramental Exhortations
Sermon One - Salvation By Grace
Sermon Two - Divine, and Human Love Contrasted.
Sermon Three (cont, from two) Exhortation after Communion
Sermon Four - The Joyful Sound. (For the Continental Society)
Sermon Five - Spiritual Renovation, for Sinners and Saints alike.
Sermon Six - the Testimony of Conscience. 1 Cor. 1:12

Sermons on Infidelity
Chapter One .

Lessons for Schools part III
Sugar - a short essay
The Ants and Flies - essay
Air - another short essay.(with poem)
Tents - about the tents of the East

Miscellaneous Essays
Voluntaryism - a reply to Professor Charteris
Letter to Thomas McCrie about a Review on Walter Scott.
Short review on a writer (Walter Scott) who deals unjustly with the Martyrs
Thomson in the Pulpit - from Strang Miller's mini-biography - with many quotations.
Introductory Essay to Alleine's "An Alarm to the Unconverted"

Thomson as a Music Composer
St.George's Edinburgh - well-known tune, usually sung to Psalm 24
Psalm 24 - The Words, from verse 7 unto verse 11.
Read a little fiction (from Robert Louis Stevenson) featuring the famous tune.
A short exposition of Psalm 24 and its meaning, and use in Israel and Scotland.

Thomson at the Bar - for Dunkeld

Tribute by Dr. Chalmers to Andrew Thomson

Thomson's Influence - from Annals of the Disruption

Thomson at St.George's from "The Life of Alexander Whyte"

Thomson's Sacramental Catechism - from Strang Miller

Right - from a woodcut, Andrew Thomson.



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