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(There are, in fact, two Andrew Thomsons - see below*)

Andrew Thomson was an incredibly talented minister, who was credited by some with completely transforming Edinburgh and Scotland (along with Thomas Chalmers, and McCrie's "Life of John Knox"), by making active, believing Christianity acceptable to the upper classes, and available to all. He was devastating in argument and debate and enormously popular. When he was taken at an early age, the whole country wept. Here, you can read some of his sermons, and some of his other works. Go to 'Biography' first, I suggest, then 'Writings'


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*Who was the "other" Andrew Thomson?

After loading this site, I discovered that many of the books written by Andrew Thomson were written by a younger version, identified by his having been of "Broughton Place United Presbyterian Kirk, Edinburgh" and having lived between 1814-1901. This was confirmed by a closer look at the book "In The Holy Land" where the author refers to starting his journey in 1869. The "older" AT died tragically in 1831!
I have now been given sufficient data to do a separate website on Thomson the Younger, thanks to Sue Comrie Thomson.
(Thanks are due to Matthew Winzer who has helped with the above)

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