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Aberdeen - in the 1970s.
st andrews college
EdinburghEdinburgh farnorthRoss-shire
fenwick churchFenwick church - where William Guthrie ministered till evicted.
Right - the Iron Church, used when Disruption parishioners had no church, and their ministers were banned from preaching on the land owned by the "heritor" - which meant all the land, in practise, in that Parish.
princes stEdinburgh, Princes Street, in the 1970s. Early Sunday morning. seasideSeaside preaching, after Disruption problems, (see above)
The Church at St. Andrews.
standrewsEntrance to the College
at St. Andrews University.
St.Andrews town
St.Andrews from the South. Firth of Tay, behind.

Same - nearer. The old Cathedral tower can clearly be seen.
old st. andrews
Old St. Andrews - from a woodcut.
St.Andrews University
St. Andrews university from sea-level.
The first Free Church Assembly - signing the Deed
Ways of torturing Covenanters - from an old print.
grayfriars The old church famous for being where the National Covenant was signed, and where many were locked up to be later banished ( and shipwrecked!) maryscolege

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