Alan's Diesel Pics

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All pictures are taken by and copyright of Alan Newble 1997-2008 on Canon and Olympus equipment mainly

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15th January 2008

37 at Bangor, Wales.

47 at Basingstoke, Hants.

45146 at Chester.

Another 37 - at Didcot.

Class 58 at Didcot

Weed-killing 20s

Class 33 at Eastleigh

Class 47 on freighliner.

Class 121 DMU

Hoo Junction 33

Hoo Junction 37 in EWS.

Hoo Junction 60.

Hoo Junction 73's

Class 56 at Ipswich

Class 33s at Maidstone East

Class 33s again.

Class 37s at Newport.

Some more 37s at Newport

Another 37 in Wales

Class 50 at Paddington

Settle & Carlisle 40

Class 47 at Dent, S&C line.

Approaching Templecombe

56 near Cardiff

Llangollen Rly. class 25

class 205 edmu at Ashford

Class 66 at Ashford

All photographs are taken by, and copyright of, Alan Newble 1997 - 2008

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