Alan's Dad's Photographs

The following pics. were dug out of an old buff envelope given me by my Mother upon Father's death. Wish there were more, but he did record the year, anyway, of the taking, on his old 120 roll-film camera.


a) Entering Abbottscliffe tunnel, Folkestone, 1929. This was probably taken from a favourite viewing spot, by the "Smugglers' Path" running from seashore to cliff-top. Loco. unknown.


b) E Class locomotive entering the tunnel at the Warren. 1929. Forgive the blur, but shutter speeds were very slow then, and so were the films.


d) Abbottscliffe Tunnel again. D1 or E1 class leaving tunnel.


c) R loco crossing Folkestone Harbour swing bridge and bridge around 1932. It's odd, but the Harbour branch always used small locos up till the end of steam because of the weight restrictions on the swing bridge. But recently we have seen West Country pacifics crossing it with no problem!
e) Boat train, 1929, crossing bridge. Two engines on front - there'll be another two at the rear.

Central Station, Folkestone in 1932. Lord Nelson class. Maybe coming off the London Train (Man of Kent?) to collect the coach from the bay and place it on front of train before proceeding.

f) Near Dover, 1932 - about to enter tunnel in the Warren. Lord Nelson class?

More of these are HERE.

For the record "Dad" was Ernest F. Newble of Folkestone (1908 - 1991) a lifelong friend of the railways.

Should you have any comments - better, any similar photos that I could display, please E:Mail.

More of his photos, non-rail, are to be found at this link. This is, unfortunately, all I have of his old 120 films.

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