Alan's Dad's Photographs

Part Two

The following pics. were dug out of an old buff envelope given me by my Mother upon Father's death. Wish there were more, but he did record the year, anyway, of the taking, on his old 120 roll-film camera.

g) Two trains on trhe approach to Folkestone viaduct (100' high). The caption on the rear of contact print says that one was the London train, the other was the Elham Valley train. Not difficult to see the difference! 1932.

h) Folkestone - Victoria train in Mote Park, Maidstone. C class loco.

Lord Nelson "Martin Frobisher" at Central Station, Folkestone. Dad was a Scoutmaster, and this group was probably off-duty scouts! 1932.

j) The new swing bridge beside the old - at Folkestone harbour. 1930. The legend on the main span reads "Folkestone Harbour Station end leading on arrival at station"

k) The Skew Arches, Folkestone - near Junction Station 1929. Notice the old adverts. The Playhouse was a cinema when I knew it (the "Fleapit" to those who knew) Lord Nelson class.

l) First train over the new swing bridge - 1930.

m) Another first train view - the Rs were stalwarts of the Folkestone harbour branch - usually 4 were needed for a heavy boat train, and larger loco's were not permitted over the bridge.

Previously published here as unknown, but closer inspection of the scanned photo shows a number which appears to be 851. Does this make it a Nelson? Location almost certainly the Warren - maybe near Warren Halt, used for staff only when I knew it.

For the record "Dad" was Ernest F. Newble of Folkestone (1908 - 1991) a lifelong friend of the railways.

Should you have any comments - better, any similar photos that I could display, please E:Mail.

More of his photos, non-rail, are to be found at this link. This is, unfortunately, all I have of his old 120 films.

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