[The following are the published works of James Durham. Many sermons also were left behind in manuscript - the notes of faithful hearers. Only the first two works were overseen by the author, who died during the preparation for the press of A Treatise Concerning Scandal, hence also known as The Dying Man's Testament, etc.
1. A Commentarie upon the Book of Revelation. 1658.
2. The Dying man's Testament: or, A Treatise concerning Scandal. 1659.
3. Clavis Cantici: An Exposition of the Song of Solomon. 1668.
4. A Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments. 1675.
5. The Blessednesse of the Death of these that die in the Lord. 1681.
6. Christ Crucified: or the Marrow of the Gospel. 1683.
7. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ. 1685.
8. Heaven upon Earth: the Joy of a good Conscience. 1685.
9. The Great Gain of Contenting Godliness. 1685.
10. The Great Corruption of Subtile Self. 1686.
11. An Exposition of the Book of Job. 1759.

Sermon on Song of Soloman - Chapter 1:5-6 "I am black but comely"
Sermon on Song of Soloman - Chapter 1:8 "If thou knowest not..."
Concerning Scandal - Original preface by John Carstares.
Concerning Scandal - Chapter One.

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