The Whole Works of Hugh Binning is a mighty tome, published by Soli Deo Gloria, but now out of print. It contains an Introduction, by Rev.Eric Alexander, and a preface by the Editor, Rev.M.Leishman, Minister of Govan in Scotland, (where Binning had been minister). Plus;
The Common Principles of the Christian Religion - 25 Treatises
The Sinners' Sanctuary - being 40 Treatises.
Fellowship With God - being 28 Treatises.
Heart Humiliation - being18 Treatises
A Useful Case of Conscience
Treatise on Christian Love
Several Sermons upon the most Important Subjects of Practical Religion - 22 short sermons.
These will be progressively placed on-line as time permits.

Meanwhile, just for tasters, here are a few...

The Chief End of Man
Treatise on Christian Love
On " A Useful Case of Conscience"
Treatise on God's Decrees
God's Decrees 2 "On Predestination".
God's Decrees 3 "On Predestination 2"
God's Decrees 4 "On Predestination 3"
Short treatise on Gray and Binning - with bonus on William Guthrie, the Puritan of Fenwick.
Sermon - The Sinners Sanctuary. No. 1 in "works"

Practical Sermons - from "Works" being "Several Sermons on Important Subjects of Practical Religion"
Sermon one is prefaced by a note from the publisher to the reader which you might find interesting . . . Dated 1760.
Sermon One "And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the Name of Jesus Christ, and love one another" "It is a common doctrine often declared unto you, that the most part of those who hear the gospel do run, in their pretended course to heaven, either upon a rock dashing discouragement, or the sands of sinking presumption."
Sermon Two "This is His Commandment etc..." I. John iii - 23 "We commonly make many rules in religion, and turn it into a laborious art, full of intricate questions, precepts, and contentions"
Sermon Three - As Above "There are different tempers of mind among men, some more smooth and pliable, others more refractory and froward. Some may be persuaded by love, who cannot be constrained by fear."
Sermon Four - James iii:14 "But if ye have envy and bitter strife in your hearts, glory not...."It is a common evil of those who hear the gospel, that they are not delivered up to the mould and frame of religion that is holden out in it, but rather bring religion into a mould of their own invention"
Sermon Five - James iii:14 "But if ye have bitter envying," &c." "The cunning of Satan, and the deceitfulness of our own hearts, are such that when a grosser temptation will not prevail with a conscience in some measure enlightened, then they transform themselves . . ."
Sermon Six - Matth. xi. 28."Come unto me, all ye that labour," &c.- "It is the great misery of Christians, that they have such poor, narrow, and limited spirits, that are not fit to receive the truth of the gospel in its full comprehension"

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