William Guthrie - Photos.


Clan Guthrie ancestral home
Another view of the ancestral home of the Guthries
Interior of Guthrie Castle - main Hall
 Fenwick Church
Fenwick Church, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Where Willian Guthrie spent all his
pastorate, all his working life.
 St.Andrews ArmsCoat of Arms of St. Andrews - Fifeshire.
Church at St. Andrews - view on the right.
 St.Andrews Church
 St.Andrews College entrance
Entrance to College - St. Andrews. Ancient view - Right.
 St. Andrews
 UniversityUniversity at St. Andrews.
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 Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh
 Fenwick Map  Fenwick Map2
Old map of Fenwick (right at the top, right of centre)
Fenwick Church 2
Another view of Fenwick Church, from the outside, showing the graveyard (where some martyrs were shot)
(Right) The interior of the church at Fenwick.
Fenwick church 3

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