Cunningham Dr. Cunningham, who was also active in the great Disruption.
See also "Annals of the Disruption" - Continental Work.
morar The view from the Road to the Isles, of Morar and the Hebrides beyond.
sabglen Called "Sabbath in the Glens" this picture is one of many featuring the problems following the Disruption, when the minister and people had no church - and were often forbidden even a field!
St.Andrews college The entrance to the University at St. Andrews in Fifeshire, where many of Re. Gray's contemporaries gained their qualifications.
aberdeen Union Street (I think) in Aberdeen where Rev. Andrew Gray attended Marischal college. This picture was taken by the Webmaster back in 1972, on a rather wet day, and he hasn't been there since!
standrews2 Old woodcut of the City of St.Andrews seen from the sea.

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