All I have at the moment is a book of sermons and some references in other Scottish books. There is a wealth of connected material, however - as you will see, if you hang about long enough!

Free Church Pulpit
Sermon on "Religious Divisions"

The Sermons of the Rev. Andrew Gray
With Memoir by Robert S. Candlish
Sermon One. The Two Paradises.
Sermon Two. Christ - The Last Adam
Sermon Three Felix and the Jailor.

The Annals of the Disruption
Disruption seen from Dr. Chalmers' View
The Intrusion debate - with a couple of pictures
Letters to his Church - and the prayer meetings.
Dangers to the New Free Church
Continental Work - with those Churches undergoing similar struggles, or those desirous of assisting.
Churches' Continuing Duty to Maintain its High Principles

Disruption Worthies - by Various Authors 1876
Andrew Gray of Perth, by Hugh Miller (Editor of "The Witness")

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