Andrew Gray (Perth) This is a picture of the Rev. Andrew Gray. Usually known with (Perth) after his name so as to avoid confusion with the puritan Andrew Gray (who died at the tender age of 22 while in charge of Glasgow Outer High Kirk) and who also has his website on this server.
He had an eventful life in Scotland, being a forceful and energetic character, and was instrumental in bringing about the changes in the law relating to "Chapels-of-Ease" and Patronage.
He played his part in the Disruption, too, being called upon to lead delegations to London, as well as being a great pamphleteer.
Read some of his sermons here, and take a look at the great events of 1843 and before - this is stirring stuff, which very few people seem to be aware of in England and America. It rivals the Great Ejection of the Puritan Era, with at least 467 ministers walking out of their Church, their Manse and their living, because they refused the admit the State's right to interfere in Spiritual matters like the settlement of a minister in a parish, or his expulsion if he were unsuitable.

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