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Biography - short and sweet
The Numerical Bible, issued in seven volumes, unfortunately not embracing the whole Bible. (This is being re-printed. See letter at foot of this page)
. . Some extracts (courtesy of Michael Brown)
. . Leviticus 11 - Clean and Unclean, or "We are what we eat . . "
. . The Pearl of Great Price,This is a wonderful piece and should be read by every believer! Also in "Help and Food"
. . Crystallised Carbon (Revelation)
. . Jacob
. . Joseph
. . Ruth
. . A Remedy For Earthly Cares Thanks to Berlin and Laura Wilson
. . The Psalms - taken from Numerical Bible (scan by Michael Brown)
. . Appendices To The Psalms (Courtesy of Michael Brown)
. . The Chart - (scan by Michael Brown) - showing the Five Pentateuchs of Scripture.
. . Epistle to the Galatians - from Numerical Bible. Scan by Michael Brown
. . Matthew 13. The Parables Scan by Michael Brown
A Divine Movement - and Our Path With God Today
Atonement in Type, Prophecy and Accomplishment
Creation in Genesis and in Geology
Despise Not Prophesyings
Facts and Theories as to a Future State,
Man and the Future State - this is an abridgement of the book above - "Facts and Theories as to a Future State"
Genesis in the Light of the New Testament,
God's Evangel
Leaves From the Book
Lessons From the Book of Exodus
Letters on Some Practical Points connected with the Assembly
Assembly Action - Its character, sphere and how far to be received.
Nicolaitanism - or the Rise and Growth of Clerisy (from "Revelation")
Peter's Conversion
Prophetic History of the Church
Revelation of Christ - to his servants, of things that are, and shall be....
Spiritual Law in the Natural World
Some Themes of the Second Part of Romans
The Crowned Christ - all of it, courtesy of Michael Brown
The Two Natures and what they imply
The Sovereignty of God in Salvation.
The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven
The Numerical Structure of Scripture - the book (scan by Michael Brown - to whom thanks are given)
Miscellaneous Writings of F.W.Grant. (Volumes 1 & 3 courtesy of Fred. Epps (Faversham) - again, many thanks)

Vol. One

Vol. Two

Second part of Romans, Re-tracings of Truth, Baptism, The Churches' Path.

Judaizing the Church, Nicolaitism, Establishments and Money, The Woman Jezebel, Ye Have Reigned as Kings without us, Sleeping Among the Dead, Christ's Word and His Name, Ending the Time of His Patience. HOLINESS - answers critic of "Plymouth Brethren", Our Hope.


Vol. Three The Mediator, Outside the Camp, One Thing Needful, Memorial of F.W. Grant. .Fred. Epps
Many of these gems of literature were scanned for me by Michael Brown, to whose untiring energy and willing service for the Lord, I am much indebted.
For Michael's audio files on Numerical Structure, click here


In Christ Jesus
The Numerical Structure of Scripture - taken from Introduction to the Numerical Bible.
The Pentateucal Structure of the Bible - taken from Introduction to the Numerical Bible.
The Paradise of God - and other lectures. Including the "Perseverence of the Saints"
Living By the Well - an address by FW Grant on January 2nd 1899
The Bible Reading - a short address deploring the decline in the practise of regular public reading of the bible.
The Gospel in the Genealogy - the Women of Matthew 1: 1-6
Deliverance - How we can be delivered from sin in our daily living.
Fruit or Root - Thoughts about Job's Ditch (How God lets us fall to demonstrate our need of Christ)
Present Things - some quotations about four of the Churches in Revelation
Filling The Hand - from the periodical "Help and Food" 1888. Thanks to Berlin and Laura Wilson
The Pearl of Great Price - from the periodical "Help and Food". Thanks to Berlin and Laura Wilson
Priestly Failure and Priestly Privilege - from Samuel Ridout.

Other Papers Quoting FW Grant

Bible Knowledge - about the phenonemal knowledge of the Bible among the Assemblies.
John Nelson Darby - Defender of the Faith
The Montreal Division - a tragic split explained, and how Grant became known as head of the "Grant Party" and a publishing house was started in his name (after his death).
Sermon on the Mount - a sermon which quotes Grant to good effect
"The Days of My Pilgrimage" - by AF Willis. A fascinating auto-biography in which chapter ten mentions the lectures of FW Grant, and also a meeting with Mr. Darby.
Epistle to Ephesians - from "Bowman's Notes" the Preface of which explains its reliance on the Grant's Numerical Bible
Joseph and Asanath - an abstract from an address quoting Grant and his Numerical Structure in its typology.
Plainfields, New Jersey - a short account of the Asembly there and its principal and notable persons, including Grant.

Dear Alan,
If you are interested in the Numerical Bible by F.W. Grant we are in the process of reprinting them as I write. The seven volume set will be available by the end of June 2006 and we are taking pre-release orders. If you know of any who would like to purchase these please contact me at
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Other Literature of Interest

Brief History of the Brethren - unfortunately not by a member of any Assembly, but maybe that's impossible?
History of the Plymouth Brethren - by Miles Stanford - above comment also applies.
Photographs of the Early Brethren - from the Ryland Archive.
Docrines and Practises of the Brethren - this includes an interesting list of well-known brethren.
The Numerical Bible, by FW Grant - a short introduction by an unknown writer.
Books That Have Helped Me - by H.A.Ironside. F.W.Grant an honoured member of the list.
Memorial of F.W.Grant - by Samuel Ridout (mainly)

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