The Horse Episode!

"April 14.—Started before eight. Read a chapter of Greek. Left Kilmany on horseback for Kirkcaldy. Was annoyed with the peculiarities of my horse on the road, and gave way to an old habit of vehemence on the subject. This must be carefully guarded against.*

What most provoked him with his horse was the frequency with which it threw him, At first he was much interested by noticing the relative length of intervals between each fall. Taking the average length, and calculating how far each fall would carry him, he resolved to keep the horse till the twelth fall was accomplished. In this instance, however, the tenth fall was so bad a one that his resolution gave way, and he told his seervant to take the horse to the next market, and sell it "But remember you must not conceal one of its faults ;" and going through the formidable enumeration, he closed the bidding by telling him to be sure to tell ALL its faults. Exclaimed the other, "Who will ever think of purchasing it? "I cannot help that," said Mr. Chalmers; - If nobody will buy the horse, you must just bring him home again" There was no bidder, or if there was, no purchaser appeared. The horse was finally transferred to his neighbour Mr. Thomson of Balmerino, in exchange for one of Baxter's Works. It served its time faithfully and quietly for many a year until it died.
It was plausibly conjectured that the first instance that the peculiarities were not so much with the horse as in the singularly restless and energetic horsemanship of the rider!

(From Dr.Hanna's Memoir)

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