Galloway/Gall05/back0gatehous2t.jpgSome nice scenery behind Gatehouse. Galloway/Gall05/back0gatehouset.jpgAnother one in the same area.
Galloway/Gall05/BallanAilsa1t.jpgView from the beach at Ballantrae. Galloway/Gall05/BallanAilsa2t.jpg Same view, Ailsa Craig is closer.
Galloway/Gall05/BallanBayt.jpg Looking the other way, to Stranraer. Galloway/Gall05/BallanBoat1t.jpg Boat in the harbour at Ballantrae.
Galloway/Gall05/BallanBoat2t.jpg Further back view of harbour. Galloway/Gall05/Ballanchaint.jpg Mooring chain, and back light!
Galloway/Gall05/Ballanfolk1t.jpg Beach walkers at Ballantrae. Galloway/Gall05/Ballanlog3t.jpg Log on the beach, back-lit.
Galloway/Gall05/BallanWeed1t.jpg Weed on the foreshore. Ailsa Craig also. Galloway/Gall05/Barrhillstat.jpg For those interested - Barrhill Station
Galloway/Gall05/blackcloudt.jpg A lovely Galloway rain storm a-coming! Galloway/Gall05/Clintsodromoret.jpg Clints of Drumore - nr. Gatehouse
Galloway/Gall05/darkstirlingt.jpg Dark cloud over a cottage near us. Galloway/Gall05/dgcoast1t.jpg Coast line near Kirkcudbright.
Galloway/Gall05/Girvan1t.jpg Girvan harbour - tween Stranraer and Ayr  Galloway/Gall05/mistmorn6t.jpg A misty morning at home. 
Galloway/Gall05/rainbow2t.jpg Rainbow over our wee field. Galloway/Gall05/valleysnow3t.jpg Snow in the valley - Christmas 04
Galloway/Gall05/wallsnow1t.jpgSnow on the "dyke" seen locally. Galloway/Gall05/wigharbhi2t.jpg Wigtown Harbour (disused)
Galloway/Gall05/wigharbhi3t.jpg The dock at Wigtown Harbour. Galloway/Gall05/wigharbhi4t.jpg Harbour from further up river.
Galloway/Gall05/gallsun1t.jpgSun descending behind the hill, from home Galloway/Gall05/gallwallt.jpg Stone wall (dyke) near Gatehouse.
Galloway/Gall05/lochryan2t.jpg Loch Ryan, near Stranraer. Galloway/Gall05/lochryan4t.jpg Loch Ryan looking to Cairnryan.
Galloway/Gall05/lucebay1t.jpgLuce Bay, near Glenluce. Galloway/Gall05/valleymistlemming1Another misty morning.
Galloway/Gall05/roxflourjpgt.jpg Rocks and flowers. Galloway/Gall05/sthaven2t.jpg Stairhaven - once a fishing harbour.

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