In 2002 we had planned to go to Galloway twice, but my wife had to have an operation
and this meant cancellation of the April visit. But we still made October.
We booked a tiny cottage in St. John's Town of Dalry.

ballmaclellant.Balmaclellan view barlaest.jpg Dalry moorland bircht.jpgBirch nr. New Galloway
burrnt.jpgBurn on Merrick walk.  cardonesst.jpgCardoness Castle nr. G/H carviewt.jpgView from car - to Ayr.
carview2t.jpgAnother view from car cloudt.jpgCloud adorning view. coosinfieldt.jpg Galloway cattle on moorland
Galloway/Gall02/dalry3t.jpgDalry, main street. dalry5t.jpgAnother view of Dalry dalry6t.jpgDalry from nearby footpath.
damlocht.jpgClatteringshaws loch damloch2t.jpgClatters - another view. damloch3t.jpgClatters. looking across West
earlstounburnt.jpgEarlstoun Burn  /barlaest.jpgBarlaes Farm. fleetatgatet.jpg River Fleet nr. Gatehouse
gallfieldst.jpgGalloway fields.  gallschool3t.jpgOld school ruins. glentroolt.jpgGlen Trool, from footpath.
gallwallt.jpgWall by footpath gallwall2t.jpgWall - a close-up gallwall3t.jpgA third view. Great lighting!
islewhitt.jpgIsle of Whithorn. islewhit2t.jpgIsle of Whithorn harbour kendalryt.jpgRiver Ken near Dalry.
kk24t.jpgKirkcudbright dock kk26t.jpgKirkcudbright castle. janeatbalmaclellant.jpgJane viewing Balmaclellan
/lochken2t.jpgLoch Ken, Lauriston ochken3t.jpgLoch Ken same place. ochtroolt.jpgLoch Trool fra' Bruce Stone
ochtrool3t.jpgLoch Trool, fra' Stone. lochtrool4t.jpgLoch Trool from footpath. merrickt.jpgMerrick mountain from path.
newabbey39t.jpgNew Abbey. newabbey36t.jpgAlso "Sweetheart Abbey" /newabbey35t.jpgRead the story here...
newgallowayt.jpgNew Galloway town newtons33t.jpgNewton Stewart high st. /nrgatehouset.jpgNear Gatehouse-at-Fleet
nrwigtont.jpgNear Wigtown portp10t.jpgPortpatrick harbour ppirelandt.jpgYou can see Ireland!
ppseat.jpgWaves at Portpatrick ruint.jpgRuins everywhere... snowt.jpg Snow on the "tops" in Oct!
southernesst.jpgSoutherness southerness2t.jpgMore Southerness topodalryt.jpgScene at top o' Dalry.
treest.jpgTrees in the wood. whitharbt.jpgHarbour at Isle o' Whithorn whitharb2t.jpgMore harbour - low tide!
dalryhight.jpgDalry High Street /dalrykirkt.jpgKirk yard at Dalry eveningt.jpgEvening at Balmaclellan 
farmt.jpgFarm in Galloway moort.jpgEvening light on moorland Galloway/Gall02/moorland2t.jpgMoorland above Dalry.

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