Noted biblical writers on dispensational lines - mostly of the persuasion known to the world as "Plymouth Brethren"




Was born in Calcutta, India, on December 3, 1847. His parents were British, his father in the government service there.
As was the custom, young Charles was sent to England for his education, and on his journey he sailed around Cape Horn.
He was apprenticed to a firm in the tea business, becoming a tea taster, and in 1871 came to the United States, where, in New York, he established his own business as a tea importer. This occupation so prospered that in the late 1890's Mr. Jennings retired from commercial life.
Always active in Christian work and teaching Sunday school, after retiring from business he devoted his whole time to study, writing, and ministering. This last activity, especially, he continued until almost the end of his long life, holding Bible classes particularly for elderly people who could not always attend the usual evening meetings. He also carried on an extensive correspondence with many friends in various countries of the world.
An intimate friend of Arno C. Gaebelein, F. W. Grant, and the two founders of Loizeaux Brothers publishing house, Mr. Jennings wrote and published many books, magazine articles, and pamphlets on Biblical subjects. A poet of much talent, and with a knowledge of the original languages of Scripture, he was able to reproduce in his writings, and particularly in this book on Isaiah, much of the poetic beauty and grandeur of the original. His readers cannot but be delighted with his literary style while they profit from the able exposition of Scripture, in which the writer sought first and always to glorify the Lord and edify His people. Mr. Jennings lived a long and fruitful life, departing to be with the Lord, whom he so faithfully served, in his 101st year, on April 17, 1948

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