Noted biblical writers on dispensational lines - mostly of the persuasion known to the world as "Plymouth Brethren"


Books by Gaebelein

The Annotated Bible - 9 Volumes.
Concise Commentary
Acts of the Apostles
Conflict of the Ages - The Mystery of Lawlessness, its Origin, Development and Ultimate Defeat.
Meat in Due Season
Studies in Prophecy
History of the Scofield Reference Bible
The Book of Daniel - one of the very best expositions of this Book there is. Get it!
The Book of Revelation
The Work of Christ
The Jewish Question - Read Chapter One here
His Riches
The Olivet Discourse
The Christ We Know
The Gospel of John
The Gospel of Matthew
The Olivet Discourse: An Exposition of Matthew 24, 25.
The Seven Parables of Matthew Thirteen - all of it.
As it Was, So it Shall Be.
God's Masterpiece - studies in Ephesians, a seven part exposition. All here.
The Healing Question - Chapter Eight extracted
Studies in Zechariah - complete exposition.

Other Writings by Gaebelein

The Apostacy Sweeping the Church
Behold The Man - John 19:5 - an address given at the Montrose Bible Conference
The Work of Christ - an incomplete address.
Why Did Christ Die? An address deleivered in 1936.
The Literary Structure of Proverbs

Writings by other Authors

The Biography the Second - by Frank Gaebelein, his son.
Arthur Pink - an expose by H. G MacKay with a quotation by Gaebelein on that subject.

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