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Here is a little help (from "The Doctor") with navigating Polish sites
A little polish-english dictionary for you when examining loco lists:
czynny - in normal service in Wolsztyn
sprawny - not used in regular service, but can be hired for a special train
oczekuje NG - waiting for general repair
odstawiony - out of order

More European Steam - Featuring steam in France, Germany, Poland, Russia and Holland.
Newble Productions Web Photos, mostly RAILWAY photos, complementing this site, with more steam (incl.70's Germany, steam on the Rheine-Embden line) and diesel, plus a bonus of some beautiful non-rail stuff (he said!) for those not totally fulfilled by trains!
Mark Goodspeed's Railway Screensaver Page, well worth a visit. Best Railway screen-saver ever, I reckon - and I have tried a few. Keep it on all the time.
Railserve,the internet rail directory lots of useful links,photo's and info. Start here if you don't know where to go.
Brian Case's Railroad Links
Trainweb American -loads of links and MUCH more
The Historical Model Railway Society. Lots of interest, links galore, clubs etc.
European Railway Server For all sorts of stuff on Europe railways. This site has (nearly) everything!
Michal Marin's Home Page This site is full of links to everywhere - and they are different, like continental! French
Mike's Railway History/ World-Wide Railway Links Very interesting site, with archive material, links, chat, newsletter etc.
Railroad Links American site with lots of railway stuff, and links show hits!
Photo Resources of Alan Newble A great site full of quality photos for your enjoyment.
CWWR Model Site An enormous site full of interest to every modeller and other railway interest site fan!
Railways and Trams in Poland- German site but translation available.
Polish Railways - by "The Doctor" - good site if you can struggle with the language, but worth it!
PKP - the State Railway - in Polish, but the links are readable.
Polish Narrow Gauge Railways - this one is in English, and very interesting
PTP - the Polish Train Page - by an enthusiast. Includes a photo-gallery.
Wolsztyn - the site for pictures of the last steam depot in Poland
PKP Photo-Gallery - and that is what it is! By Peter Koslowski.
Rail-o-rama - the page for all sorts of international rail information
The Wolsztyn Experience - from Rannoch Travel.
Andrew's Picture Gallery - a few pictures taken in 2002 when there with a Polrail pass.
Poland Steam Locomotive List - from a very good site.
Ciagli Pod Para - the site of the above list, and with some gorgeous images!
The Chabowka Heritage Railway Park - lots of images of lococ and rolling stock.
East Europe Railtours - totally commercial, but it's here because of its Poland interest.
The Official PKP site - if you can read it your better than I, but there are some geniuses out there? And lots of Poles.
Polish locos mostly steam - Home page with many steam pics. - Ciao, Hello i co tam jeszcze:)
Raymond Keis' Railway site - with some extra interest! Look for "Polen" in his index.

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