The Photos of Ad. Van Sten

These were taken on the same tour as mine, in 1992, but Ad. (from The Netherlands) and his friend Manfred Stolz (from Germany) chased the trains in their car. I was jealous of their ability to get first-class shots of the trains at speed, so they kindly agreed to send me a copy of what they had, a video from Manfred, and some large colour pics. from Ad. They both got a copy of my video in return.
Ad. has been asked for permission to use these images, but has not replied to the only address I have for him. I do hope he approves, if not I will remove them. If he likes them, I would love to put the others on - these are just some in-filling for the gaps in my record.

karpaczadt.jpg Karpaczad ok22_31konotopadt Ok22_31konoto okz32_2ad Okz32_2ad okz32_2ad2t Okz32_2ad2
Pt47_112ad pt47_112adt Pt47_112ad2 pt47_112ad2 Ty3_2bobowich ty3_2bobowichoadt Ty3_2rzepinad2 ty3_2rzepinad2
ty42_1wysokaadt Ty42_1wysoka wolsztynadt Wolsztynad ok22_31dziadt. ok22_31dziad okz32_2dobt. okz32_2dob

AD. has some MORE stunning archive images. WANT TO SEE THEM? Just click HERE.

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