BASS, 11th August, 1677.

The letter, a copy from the Wod, MSS., will be found in “The Bass Bock,” p. 35. It reveals a sore conflict between faith and sense even in the case of one of the most faithful servants of Christ

"The Lord is righteous; neither are we in the dark to mind our manifold sins in our judgments. We are close shut up in our chambers, not permitted to converse, diet, worship together; but conducted out by two at once in the day, to breathe in the open air - envying (with reverence) the birds their freedom, and provoking and calling on us to bless Him for the most common mercies - and again close shut up day and night, to hear only the sighs and groans of our fellow-prisoners. And, oh I if we were such as none of these things move us; yea, while all things speak a feeding, lying storm. He only knows wherefore we are reserved, and what is appointed for us, with you, who out of the eater brings forth meat. Our long fast will resolve in sad [glad?] earnest, and when darkest it will be light, and most care least care. 0 for grace to credit Him (hitherto never cumbersome) and His cross in whatever piece of service, in bonds, or freedom, He cuts out! I return to thank you for your seasonable supply [money and contributions], an evidence of your love to Him, and your affectionate remembrance of us. Persuade yourself you are in our remembrance, though not so deep as we in yours, yet making mention of you to your and our Master, begging you may be directed, supported, and carried through cleanly in this our hour of temptation; acquitting yourselves as watchmen indeed from your watch-tower, fulfilling your ministry which you have received from the Lord. Now, peace be to the brethren, and love with faith from God the Father; and grace be to all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity! So prayeth your unworthy and affectionate well- wisher in bonds,
Alexander Peden.
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